Game-Changing Contact-Less and Prick-Free Diabetes Monitoring

Veyetals - Affordable, Prick-Free & Contactless Diabetes Monitoring

Veyetals - Affordable, Prick-Free & Contactless Diabetes Monitoring

Device-less, Contact-less Glucose Monitoring

Device-less, Contact-less Glucose Monitoring



Veyetals, a subsidiary of MarkiTech, an AI-focused health informatics company, launches its CONTACT-LESS & PAINLESS PRICK-FREE GLUCOSE MONITORING at CES 2023

Veyetals is the future of vitals monitoring!”
— Nauman Jaffar, founder of MarkiTech

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2022 / -- Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide. According to the 2019 report by International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 463 million people aged 20-79 years have diabetes. There is no cure or disease-modifying treatment for Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Therefore, ongoing monitoring and proper treatment is required to avoid complications like heart, kidney, and eye disease and other multi-organ complications. Continuous monitoring helps doctors in prescribing the appropriate drug dosage to the diabetes patients. It also helps to identify pre-diabetes which, if detected early, can be reversible with an appropriate diet, exercise and drug control. is a wellness platform under MarkiTech, an AI-focused health informatics company. Developing applications and other solutions for the healthcare industry during the last 10 years, MarkiTech decided to become one of the pioneers in CONTACTLESS PRICK-FREE Glucose Monitoring. MarkiTech will launch the BETA-version of its AI-powered Veyetals’ glucose monitoring solution at a VIP event on January 7, 2023 at the CES conference in Las Vegas.

Ways to measure glucose level

Currently, there are 2 main ways to measure glucose level of the patients. The first way is a finger prick. The patient needs to prick his finger with a needle (lancet) and put a drop of blood on a test strip. After putting the test strip into a meter, the patient will see his glucose level. The test results appear in 15 seconds or less. The second way is using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, which is a more advanced technology enabling glucose and blood sugar monitoring round-the-clock. The continuous measurement is possible due to the small electrode placed under your skin which transmits the information to the receiver every 5 to 15 mins. In both cases, you will need to insert a needle inside your body, which can be quite uncomfortable for those who need to regularly measure their glucose levels. Besides the pain factor, pricking can increase the infection risk and provoke dizziness. 2/3 of the respondents said they would be more willing to use non-invasive blood glucose testing

How is Veyetals different?

Veyetals app provides non-invasive glucose testing and monitoring. The patients will simply need to do a finger or facial scan using their smart device camera. It will take only 10 seconds to get the results with a finger scan and 30 seconds with a facial scan.

After opening the Veyetals mobile app, the patient will just need to click calculate, position his face or finger in the designated area and wait for results to come. To get the accurate glucose readings, the patient needs to sit in the well-lit area, so that the light is evenly spread throughout his face and stay still during the scan. The results will be saved in the Veyetals app under the Patient history and can be easily shared with patient’s caregivers and family members.

Besides glucose monitoring, Veyetals measures blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation and stress levels. Clinicians are using the Veyetals app to reduce the time and costs associated with the monitoring of patient’s vitals. This solution is equally beneficial for companies to monitor their employee’s health and help them strive to be the best version of themselves whether at work or at home!

Technology behind Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring

Non-invasive glucose scan is possible due to the advanced computer vision, machine learning and deep learning technologies. The advanced computer vision and deep learning are used for pre-processing of the information, in other words, during the face and region of interest detection. In our case, the regions of interest are cheeks and forehead. Then, analytics and machine learning are used to extract information from the region of interest to calculate Heart Rate Variability, Respiratory Rate and Oxygen Saturation. These 3 parameters help to predict glucose and blood pressure, Heart Rate, HRV and we attained almost 90% accuracy in our Beta Version.

Interpretation of the results

The Veyetals app will provide you with one of three possible results: Ideal, Good and Poor. ‘Ideal’ results fall under the range between 4.7 and 8.2 mmol/L. Everything below 4.7 mmol/L or above 10 mmol/L is considered ‘Poor’. And ‘Good’ stands for 8.2 - 10 mmol/L.

Benefits of Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring

The ability of diabetes people to manage their glucose level and their health overall could considerably affect the quality of their life. Therefore, regular monitoring could help with glucose regulation and timely physician interventions. As pain is one of the main reasons individuals with diabetes are not testing their glucose levels frequently, NON-INVASIVE PRICK-FREE Glucose Monitoring could be an optimal solution. Moreover, Contactless Glucose Monitoring could result in considerable savings for patients. According to the popular CGM manufacturer Dexcom, a CGM transmitted is $289 while a single CGM sensor, which can be worn no more than 10 days, is approx. US$100 per sensor like Libre2 from Abbott.

Veyetals’ solution is contactless, affordable, and simple. It allows patients to measure their glucose level and other vital signs even on the go without any infection risk possibility. Veyetals is the future of vitals monitoring!

The non-intrusive glucose monitoring is particularly important considering the projected growth of people with diabetes. The IDF predicts the number of people with diabetes will reach 700 million by 2045. The continuous AI glucose screening can save lives, increase awareness in Blood Glucose self-management and lead to an overall proactive approach to one’s health management.

About MarkiTech

MarkiTech.AI is a North-American AI-focused company with expertise in Telco and HealthCare verticals that helps innovators and business decision makers develop and commercialize their technology products and ideas. More specifically, the company drives innovation, accelerates business performance and improves operational efficiencies using emerging technologies like AI, 5G, and IoT. Most of our products and platforms target the Seniors/Older Adults and community care in the B2B settings.

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