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How Ofirio Is Making Housing More Affordable for Everyone

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Ofirio is revolutionizing the real estate industry by introducing state-of-the-art AI to find the best deals on the market in an instant

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2022 / -- Ofirio is revolutionizing the real estate industry by introducing state-of-the-art AI to find the best deals on the market in an instant. On top of that, Ofirio is making housing more affordable for everyone by providing both buyer and seller rebates.

How Ofirio Started

Like most businesses, Ofirio was started to solve a problem. The founder of Ofirio, Mike Koshatko, and some friends of his were scouring the real estate market for good deals. However, he could only analyze about 10 properties a day and hundreds were introduced daily.

Even worse, good deals don’t stay on the market for long; so, it wasn’t uncommon to spend time finding a good deal only to find out that it had been sold.

Then there was the problem of keeping track of all the data they found. At the time, they were all using different tools and compiling the data on spreadsheets.

Mike knew there had to be a better way. At first, he tried hiring more people so that they could analyze more real estate in less time, but he soon realized that there was a better solution.

That is when Ofirio was born. He turned to software developers to create an algorithm that filters through millions of properties to find the best deals in an instant.

What used to take real estate professionals months to do, Ofirio can do in an instant! But, Ofirio is not just meant for real estate professionals; instead, it was built with the average user in mind.

What Ofirio Has Become

Now, everyone can take advantage of Ofirio’s state-of-the-art algorithm and tools to find their dream home at an affordable price. But, Ofirio is not just about finding the best deal, but also putting money back into the average buyer or seller’s pocket.

To do this, a rebate system was implemented where buyers can get cashback on their purchases and sellers can receive a discount.

How Buyer Cashback Works

By using a top agent at Ofirio, buyers can get as much as 2% cashback at closing. Once a buyer finds their dream home using Ofirio’s AI-powered tools, they are matched with an agent at Ofirio.

The agent will work to lower the price of the home as much as possible so that the buyer can buy an already good deal at an even more affordable rate.

There are no fees throughout the entire process and instead of the agent taking as much as 3% on commission, buyers can receive up to 2% of that commission at closing.

While there might seem like there’s a catch, there’s not. Ofirio’s agents provide all of the same services as a traditional agent but at a discounted price.

On top of that, buyers are fully in control during the whole process. If for any reason the buyer is not 100% satisfied with their agent, then Ofirio will replace them immediately—free of charge.

How Seller Discounts Work

At Ofirio, sellers aren’t left out either. Ofirio agents will list a home at a rate of 1.5% instead of the traditional 3%. This means that sellers can save 50% on fees.

The seller’s agent will not only work to list the property for top dollar, but they will also help list the home on the market, optimize the listings, stage the home for open houses, and more.

When it comes to closing on the house, the agent will review all the offers, negotiate on the seller’s behalf, and handle all the paperwork to help make the process as easy as possible.

Final Thoughts
All in all, Ofirio is making housing more affordable for everyone through its advance AI algorithm that sifts through the market for the best deals and through its rebate system.

Buyers can now get a top agent at half the price and receive cashback at closing. Sellers can also get a full-service agent at half the price and get top dollar on their real estate.

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