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Fabula Coffee: Making Healthy Coffee Accessible and Affordable

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Little Miami start-up is dedicated to making healthy coffee accessible and affordable

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2022 / -- As the world becomes increasingly health conscious, the demand for healthier alternatives to traditional products is increasing. Coffee is no exception to this trend. Different people have different tastes and needs, which is why Fabula Coffee is shaking up the traditional coffee market with its focus on healthy, low acid coffee.

As a starting point, the benefits of drinking coffee are well-documented. Studies have found that coffee can boost energy levels, improve brain function, and even help to reduce the risk of certain diseases. Plus, the antioxidants found naturally in the coffee beans can help reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

The (real) dark side of coffee

However, large scale production commercial coffee also comes with a long set of negatives, which most people are not aware of. The use fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals is widespread. These are necessary to create so-called ‘efficient farming’ out on open fields, where production is cheaper. However, coffee naturally grows in the shade, in forested areas.

In many coffees, for example, mycotoxins – a mold derivative – is frequently found. An increasing number of people suffer from mold allergies, acid reflux, digestive issues and other food-related illnesses. It creates unpleasant feelings when drinking coffee, and can have negative long term health consequences.

Enter: Healthy coffee. Yes, it’s a thing.

Meet Fabula Coffee. This little Miami start-up is dedicated to making healthy coffee accessible and affordable. Its products are free of chemicals and mycotoxins, contain a low acid profile, and are independently tested at laboratories.

The company prioritizes quality and transparency in its products and processes. All of the beans used for Fabula Coffee are sourced from some of the best organic coffee farms in the world and are carefully selected to ensure the best flavor. The beans are then tested for chemicals and mycotoxins, and they undergo a rigorous roasting process to ensure optimal flavor.

Does it taste ‘healthy’?

For some foods, going healthy mean… well, less delicious. Fabula Coffee actually found the correlation here to be reverse: The more natural and clean, the better the taste. They call it “Coffee as Mother Earth intended.

The results are staggering. Countless people, who had to give up their morning fix, are now returning to their morning routine. The company is gathering a loyal following, due to the company’s efforts to create not only better, cleaner coffee, without that ‘tummy burn’, but also better tasting.

Fabula Coffee leverages these benefits by focusing on creating a healthy cup of coffee. Its low acid profile coffee is easy on the stomach and can be enjoyed without the fear of heartburn or other digestive issues.

The Health Mission

While the business have disrupting the coffee experience in their sights for now, they are mission driven, and want to bring their clean philosophy to a broader horizon.

They are exploring the possibility of expanding into other categories, such as functional coffees, tea, herbs, chocolate and cacao. A company spokesperson states: “We honestly believe everyone deserves clean, healthy choices. The food industry has been all about scale and low cost the last many decades. The entire health discussion, the quality aspect, it just got lost on the way. But we see those matters back on the radar. And we are proud to be part of that movement. And the amount of support we hear everyday from our customers, just tells us we are on to something”

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