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Carbon Advisors Announces Partnership with Royce Geo to Create CarbonGEO (TM)

Carbon Advisors: Reduce, Report, Offset

Carbon Advisors: Reduce, Report, Offset

Carbon Advisors partners with Royce Geo to create CarbonGEO (TM): The first of its kind comprehensive Environmental Intelligence Platform (TM)

Carbon Advisors is proud to partner with Royce Geo to develop the most state of the art, transparent and cost-efficient carbon offset intelligence and scoring system.”
— Stephen Schueler, Chairman Carbon Advisors

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2022 / -- Carbon Offsets are imperative to reach the world’s Net-Zero targets.

According to the United Nations, 70 countries (including every EU member, the UK, the US and China), 1,200 corporations and 400 financial institutions are committed to net-zero based GHG emissions targets. Yet there are considerable issues around the transparency and integrity of the offsets used to counter-balance the remaining emissions required to reach net-zero goals.

Carbon Advisors and Royce Geo have created the CarbonGEO Environmental Intelligence Platform by combining a rigorous, science-based scoring framework with the most advanced geospatial imagery, analytical capabilities, and machine learning (ML), available to provide reliable, transparent, and unbiased assessments of carbon offset development projects globally.

The CarbonGEO platform arms carbon offset purchasers with relevant, actionable and project specific information - including a single composite score – so that they can easily compare the performance of different carbon offset projects for UN compliance, carbon sequestration claims and for project co-benefits; laddering within the achievement of UN’s Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Goals.

“We analyze current and archived satellite data for not only the offset project but the surrounding land going back years to take the guess work out of compliance. We provide both quantitative and qualitative assessment of all project types taking into consideration Additionality, Double-counting and Permanence with historical reference data that often disputes claims made by over-zealous developers,” said Patrick J McCarthy, President Carbon Advisors’ Securities Group.

The platform’s quantitative data certifies that offset projects meet the minimum requirements to ensure the offset complies with UN regulations, ensuring that each credit represents an incremental increase in carbon sequestration - or the avoidance - of carbon emissions. The qualitative assessment quantifies the co-benefits of a project including UN Sustainable Development Goals and bio-diversity protection. These factors are combined into a single score using an inverse weighting system to ensure project complies with all requirements and does not allow offsets to slip by based on meeting “most” of the criteria.

“The combination of Carbon Advisors’ transparent scoring system with Royce Geo's state-of-the-art geospatial ML technology answers a wide range of questions around properly rating and monitoring nature-based carbon offset projects. Using remote sensing data including daily collected satellite imagery and crowd sourced data, we can globally monitor, report, and analyze land change, biodiversity and positive SDG impacts made by project areas to their surrounding region.  CarbonGEO scoring with geospatial analysis reduces investment risks for our partners, and increases transparency with real-time information to support better understanding and trust in the global carbon credit/offset market”, said Dave Sterling, Founder and CEO Royce Geo.

“Carbon Advisors is proud to partner with Royce Geo to develop the most state of the art, transparent and cost-efficient carbon offset intelligence and scoring system grounded with the world's most comprehensive global geospatial satellite imagery. The CarbonGEO platform restores confidence in the voluntary carbon offset markets,” Stephen Schueler, Chairman, Carbon Advisors.

The CarbonGEO Environmental Intelligence Platform is available from Carbon Advisors’ Security Group and can be used to vet and validate carbon offset projects and investments.

About Carbon Advisors – Carbon Advisors is a full-service Net-Zero consulting organization with three divisions offering: (1) carbon reduction technologies (Carbon Solutions), (2) auditing and reporting consulting to measure success (Carbon Strategies) and (3) tools to help clients utilize and vet high caliber carbon offsets (Carbon Securities). Carbon Advisors has offices in Washington, DC and Monaco, MC.

About Royce Geo - Established in 2015, Royce Geo is an award-winning intelligence and analytics firm based in the Washington DC region. Royce’s primary mission has always been to take risks and challenge the status quo to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the Defense and Intelligence Community across four core areas: Geospatial Information Technology, Advanced Data Analytics, Intelligence Operations, and Tradecraft Training.

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