White rapper, Michael Jay, drops yet another single, Comeback, telling his story of recovery with DSP Firebird Sounds

Artwork for Michael Jay's single Comeback


Hiphop Artist and white rapper Michael Jay releases single #4, Comeback, with DSP Firebird Sounds on 12.2.2022, telling more of his story of addiction recovery

Ill believe in myself, til the day that my demons die”
— Michael Jay

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- “Ill believe in myself, til the day that my demons die” ~Michael Jay, White Rapper & Hiphop Artist melodically & passionately raps in his newest single, Comeback, released today, 12.02.2022 on all streaming services WW. DSP Firebird Sounds is excited to be a part of Michael's journey. "Even though his story is not new to the world, it is new to him", says SVP of Firebird Sounds Paula Hersom, "telling his story in his own unique way that young people of his age can identify with." Michael Jay is a PA/NYC/NY rapper, channeling influence from rappers like Logic, Hopsin, Chance the Rapper, Mac Miller, and more. He brings passion and hustle to the game from the eyes of sobriety in a world so fascinated with being numb and ignoring the self-love. For him, it's rap bars, not alcoholic bars. Healthy addictions only now.

Life, its challenges, and overcoming struggles fuel his fire, and he's bringing the infectious passionate vibes to your ears and eyes. Rap artist Michael Jay spits originals, including his own tracks and freestyle raps, as well as covers of some of the best rappers and greatest hip hop artists of recent years, who have inspired him to go on to inspire others, and show them the fire that exists within us all to overcome and succeed. Catch vibes on his most recent track, Feel Right Now. New Music video out now! Smash that Subscribe button and turn on the notification bell to on for more soon to come...

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