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Changes to reliable electronic means rule take effect Dec. 1

Amendments to N.D.Sup.Ct.Admin.R. 52 on reliable electronic means proceedings take effect Dec. 1. 

Section 2 was amended to clarify the procedure for making a motion to request a reliable electronic means proceeding, objecting to a reliable electronic means proceeding, and preparing for a reliable electronic means proceeding. Because the rule sets out a specific procedure for motions, the requirements of N.D.R.Ct. 3.2 do not apply to motions under Rule 52.

Sections 3 and 4 were amended to allow a trial to be conducted by reliable electronic means with the consent of the parties and the approval of the court.

Subsection 4(b)(3) was amended to eliminate the requirement that a court make a finding of necessity before allowing an attorney’s participation from a separate site in a guilty plea proceeding.

Section 6 was amended to allow the court to exercise its discretion on whether to hold a mental health proceeding by reliable electronic means. Under the amendments, the respondent or patient must be allowed to appear in person at any proceeding upon request. At the same time, the court may allow any witness at a mental health proceeding to appear by reliable electronic means.