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Startup MojoAuth Removes the Pain of Using Passwords for Businesses



Passwordless authentication offers a seamless user experience by eliminating need to create and remember passwords

Passwords are the biggest liability for businesses. We can remove them for you. By using MojoAuth, companies don’t have to store or manage passwords or be concerned with data breaches.”
— Dev Agarwal
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, November 29, 2022 / -- A new startup, MojoAuth, that removes the pain of using passwords has acquired more than 350 business customers since its launch earlier this year.

“Passwords are the biggest liability for businesses. We can remove them for you,” said MojoAuth co-founder Dev Agarwal. Previously, he said, companies had to store, manage and keep track of passwords and worry about data breaches. By using MojoAuth, companies don’t have to store or manage passwords or be concerned with data breaches because every layer is secure, from network to storage.

MojoAuth improves security and the user experience with its flexible, passwordless authentication solutions that are also fast and customizable. The system can be used with any app on any platform – web, mobile or IoT. Additionally, MojoAuth’s intuitive APIs flawlessly manage user identities, enhance authentication experiences, and improve security postures for companies.

MojoAuth operates on a private cloud, a single-tenant environment that runs on a dedicated infrastructure in which all hardware and software resources are accessible only by a single customer. The private cloud offers flexibility, security, scalability, and ease of service delivery with the access control and resource customization of on-premise infrastructure benefits.

Passwords cost businesses millions of dollars annually for both password management and efforts involved in mitigating data breaches. In addition, enhancing password protection, password hashing, password encryption, checking passwords against leaked and weak passwords, and managing password expiry and history have become common practices that make passwords even more expensive to manage.

Passwordless authentication offers a seamless user experience since it eliminates the need to create and remember complicated passwords or go through multi-step password reset procedures. Also, one-click registration and login processes facilitated by passwordless are less time-consuming for users.

Minimal friction with no passwords helps enhance user experience and brand loyalty, Agarwal added.

An in-house authentication solution becomes an unnecessary cost center for organizations. MojoAuth helps companies save money, scale quickly, and devote valuable resources to solving customer problems.

Since cybersecurity has historically been seen as a cost center, savings is an important justification for businesses to think about switching to passwordless authentication. Not only does it reduce the costs related to password management and data breaches, but going passwordless can also boost revenue through improved customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Among the ways MojoAuth provides password authentication are links and one-time passwords sent to email IDs; logins through social media accounts like Apple ID, Facebook, Google, and Twitter; advanced authentication by fingerprints, facial recognition, and security keys; and one-time passwords sent to a phone.

MojoAuth has partnered with world-class email infra providers so that email alerts do not get lost and offers 99.99 percent uptime and high performance under heavy loads.

Additionally, MojoAuth also has a white label option that allows companies to remove the MojoAuth branding from pre-built authentication pages and transactional emails/SMSs and replace it with their own brand and logos, themes, styles, brand colors, and form fields. MojoAuth also provides custom interfaces and login pages that seamlessly blend into a company’s website and localization, allowing a company to customize its website according to a country or region.

For more information about MojoAuth and its pricing plans and to sign up for a free 30-day trial, visit

About MojoAuth

Passwords are one of the biggest challenges over the internet for the following reasons:
- Hard for us to remember and keep track,
- Attackers steal passwords to damage our personal life,
- Hard for businesses to store and process in servers

The idea for MojoAuth arose from this massive pain. MojoAuth is a passwordless authentication solution that allows users to log into the apps without requiring a password.

At MojoAuth, we innovated and built developer-friendly software to remove the need for passwords. We have thousands of developers around the world using the product and building amazing experiences for their customers without worrying about painful passwords. We would like to invite you to our journey for the passwordless world.

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