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Turkey's Success in Rhinoplasty Procedures Worldwide

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, January 12, 2023 / -- Rhinoplasty Turkey has recently started gaining global attention and patients come from all over to get the procedure done that helps to improve the appearance and the function of the nose. When considering rhinoplasty in Turkey, there are some things to consider and if it is the right time and the right clinic for the surgery. International patients always come to Turkey with so much enthusiasm without weighing the pros and cons. Take a look at some steps to help patients determine if going to Turkey is the right place for the nose job, what to expect with rhinoplasty in Turkey, and the pros and cons.

In Turkey, health tourism is safer when compared to other countries because of the country's strict rules. When International patients come to Turkey for the nose job, there are some requirements they have to meet up:

Age: To get a rhinoplasty, the age bracket is strict, ladies should be older than 16 years and men should be older than 18 years.

Health status : To undergo rhinoplasty surgery, patients need to be healthy, physically and mentally. Anyone that presents with any chronic illness will not be a candidate for this procedure.

Quit Smoking: Before undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, patients should not be smoking or be willing to stop smoking 2 weeks before the surgery and 3 months after the surgery. This is because smoking reduces the level of oxygen in the blood which can cause slow healing and tissue death.

Proper Planning: Patients need to plan the time well. For traveling to Turkey for a rhinoplasty, patients will need to take time off work and other responsibilities. After the procedure, patients can return to work after 2 weeks. Always make sure to schedule the travel plan well.

Budget: One of the major reasons most people decide to pick turkey over other destinations for their healthcare services is because of how affordable it is. The prices are 4 to 5 times cheaper when compared to the United States, United Kingdom, and other countries.

It is important to budget for everything to be needed on the trip, the accommodation, feeding, plane tickets, and other expenses that patients might need during the stay.

Expectations: Patients should understand that the facial features of everyone are unique, and a certain nose shape might not be the right fit for the face and the perfect option.

Depending on the expected type of nose structure, it should be discussed during the consultation with the doctor, and patients should listen to the doctor's professional opinion of the nose, even though it might not be what patients want.

Turkey's situation in getting rhinoplasty: Turkey is one of the best places to get medical procedures done and of course the rhinoplasty. Over the past few years Turkey's have been on the rise for remarkable growth in cosmetic surgery, which has been established as one of the top 5 countries especially when it comes to rhinoplasty.

The ministry of health supports medical tourism through financial aid for both the public and private health sectors. There are health tourism agencies, clinics, and hospitals that are given special licenses and budgets that help in raising the hospital and clinic standards and giving the newest medical equipment, this helps with the exceptional prices.

Turkey also has one of the best public healthcare systems and a flourishing private healthcare sector. Some strict regulations apply to both Turkish citizens and international patients that come to the country for medical procedures to help ensure their safety and prevent harm to the patients and unnecessary surgeries.

A TURSAB license is given to agencies that are registered, evaluated, and inspected by the state regularly. This is a great way to ensure that the agency to work with is trustworthy. Agencies without a TURSAB license are not qualified to serve foreign patients and should be avoided.

It is affordable: Compared to other countries, like the UK or the US turkey is extremely affordable. With a rhinoplasty in Turkey, patients will save a lot of money and enjoy the outstanding services and quality like other western countries.

Adequate Care: In Turkey, clinics, and hospitals provide top-notch technology and great care before, during, and after their procedures.

Surgeries are done in state-of-the-art surgical facilities and are well-equipped to handle emergencies.

Patients will be provided with translators and team of friendly and readily available doctors and nurses.

Well-Trained Doctors: Turkish doctors are highly skilled, well trained, and in high demand, this is because they have the experience and deep understanding of what their patients want as they meet patients from all over the world.

Rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey perform more procedures in a specified period when compared to surgeons in other countries.

Vacation time: Turkey is also a great place to visit for holiday as well as get the best healthcare. They have great historical places and beautiful nature views that will give the patients a memorable experience.

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