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Apopka Tree Experts Creates a Team for Handling Email and Website Tree Service Requests

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APOPKA, FL, USA, November 23, 2022 / -- To make sure that all tree care services are delivered on time, Apopka Tree Experts, has created a team responsible for checking orders made via the website and email.

“Website and email notifications take quite a long time to pop on the company machines,” said the CEO. “This has led to late delivery of tree care services sometimes. To keep this from reoccurring, Apopka Tree Experts found it wise to have a team that will be checking whether new requests have been made through the website or the email after every not more than 5 minutes.”

The CEO noted that with the new team, homeowners in Apopka and the suburbs can place their emergency bookings via email and the website.

“With the new team,” said the CEO, “Homeowners in Apopka and the entire neighborhood can now freely leave their emergency requests on the website or send them via email without worrying. The team will immediately pass the details to the emergency team.”

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The CEO revealed that Apopka Tree Experts had added more transport vehicles to make the goal of delivering tree care services on time always a success. He added that the company had also purchased more tools and types of equipment.

“There is no point of having a request team to make sure that the requests are received in time, when the company doesn’t have means to help it deliver the services on time,” said the CEO. “Apopka Tree Experts have therefore invested in brand new 5 transport vehicles. The company will always make sure that they are in good condition and their fuel tank is always full to save time that would otherwise be used to fuel, or to see a mechanic when a request is made. Also, the company has added more tools and types of equipment to prevent employees from waiting for each other.”

The CEO also confirmed that calls made to Apopka Tree Experts will be received immediately. He added that homeowners in need of complicated services should make a call instead of using email and the website.

“Apart from sending tree care requests through the email and the web page,” said the CEO, “the only other way that homeowners can place their bookings at the comfort of their homes is through a direct phone call. Therefore, just like it has always been before, phone calls made to the company will be responded to immediately. This, however, will not be done by the requests team but by the Apopka Tree Experts management instead. Also, although the website and the emails will be checked now and then, in case a complicated tree service is needed, homeowners are urged to make calls for a better explanation as written words can easily be misinterpreted or misunderstood.”

The CEO lastly noted that Apopka Tree Experts will continue giving homeowners in Apopka and the suburbs the best tree care services.

“For homeowners in Apopka and the suburbs, which will choose to use Apopka Tree Experts to improve their trees,” said the CEO, “things just got better. The company will continue offering exceptional tree care services but in lesser time now. For the best tree care experience, the request team is ready for those requests, and the management is set to receive the calls.”

Apopka Tree Experts is located at 2616 Pemberton Dr Apopka, FL, 32703. Homeowners can also reach out to the company at +1 442-280-7601 and

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