2022 Guadalajara International Book Fair presents Forever Lost: Fallen by Nicole Sherwood

Visit the Guadalajara International Book Fair in 2022 to experience A Tale of Extirpated History and A Magical Journey

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, MEXICO, November 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Nicole Sherwood’s Forever Lost: Fallen is one of Authors Press’ featured books in the upcoming Guadalajara International Book Fair this November 26–December 4, 2022.

It is in everyone's nature to explore, inquire, and be curious because doing so serves to develop a person's overall well-being. How far will Siorfin and Vashal's curiosity take them? What will their curiosity lead them to? "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back," as the adage goes. Siorfin and Vashal are brothers, although Siorfin is an elf and Vashal is a human. Despite their discernible distinctions, they are inextricably linked. They are both so enthralled by books that they would spend hours and hours in the library reading novels that have piqued their attention.

Nicole Sherwood’s Forever Lost: Fallen is a book of the high fantasy genre that entails the journey of Prince Catair, the youngest son of the king of the elves, and the ancient evil necklace. His story is erased from history along with the other great names of their time, but their stories were saved by Sigrin Ansair Goddoltray.

There is an ancient leather-bound book in the library's restricted aisle that seems to be summoning Siorfin and Vashal. By opening the mysterious magic book, they have set Sigrin Ansair Goddoltray free. Siorfin and Vashal were warned of the consequences of reading the book. What might Siorfin and Vashal face if they open the book? Find out today by grabbing yourself a copy of Forever Lost: Fallen.

You can also grab a copy of Forever Lost: Fallen through Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other online bookstores.
Forever Lost: Fallen
Written by Nicole Sherwood
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2022 Guadalajara Int. Book Fair | Featured Book: Forever Lost: Fallen