SenSights.AI is now validated by OTN as a secure virtual care and telehealth platform

There is now no sense in operating virtual care solution without OTN approval in Ontario

OTN verification

SenSights.AI telehealth solution

SenSights.AI telehealth solution

This month, SenSights.AI, an AI-focused health informatics company based in Canada and US, received an OTN certification for OH / Virtual Visit.

TORONTO, ONTARIO , CANADA, November 18, 2022 / --

What is OTN and OTN certification?

OTN stands for the Ontario Telemedicine Network which operates under Ontario Health and oversees health care delivery in the province. The Network is responsible for setting evidence-based standards that will enable front-line healthcare workers to provide secure and confidential virtual visits within their communities. Besides security and confidentiality, OTN verifies standards like privacy and interoperability through their audits to ensure the telehealth platform meets technical requirements. They check the telemedicine features like video / audio calling, messaging, file sharing and others. Once the audit is successfully completed, OTN names the telehealth platform at stake as a certified and validated telemedicine solution, and enlist on their official website.

Why is it important to use OTN-verified solutions?

OTN verification and certification provide a peace of mind to healthcare providers and patients they are taking care of. The Patient Health Information (PHI) is sensitive personal information, hence it is crucial that the privacy and security standards are met. Any breach of patient information will affect the trust of the patients and can result in lawsuits and considerable expenses for the healthcare organizations.

What is SenSights.AI?

SenSights.AI is a health intelligence platform which includes all the features of virtual care/telemedicine and remote patient monitoring platforms. The platform provides important real time details about health informatics using a mobile or desktop app, offering 24/7 remote monitoring, alerts, location updates, audio & video calls, virtual integration with EMR / EHR combined and Bluetooth FDA / Health device connectivity. However, SenSights.AI is not only limited to the wired devices and wearables, it also has innovative contactless solutions to measure vital signs and detect falls. Using Veyetals extension of SenSights.AI app, patients can measure their blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen and stress levels using AI camera-powered technology. The facial scan can simply be done in 30 seconds by using a phone, tablet or desktop camera. Talking about fall detection, SenSighs.AI offers 4D imaging sensors to detect falls and instantly notify caregivers. The use of radio waves instead of cameras ensures patient privacy. SenSights.AI helps nurses and doctors work smarter, not harder by using technologies. Any critical situation like vital signs irregularities or falls are instantly reported to the care providers via the app.

Why should SenSights.AI or any other larger healthcare provider get OTN Verified?

Besides aforementioned safety, security and privacy benefits, OTN verification provides provincial funding opportunities through the Ontario Health Digital & Virtual Care Secretariat program as well as other opportunities for provincial program funding. It also makes the telehealth company trustworthy and reliable, as the name of the company gets associated in patients’ minds with OTN. Soon, the Ontario government will make OTN verification mandatory for virtual care solutions. In other words, without OTN verification your platform will not be eligible for payment under provincial insurance or OHIP.

What is the future of virtual care?

We can see how COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the use of telehealth. Canada has invested $240.5 million to develop, expand, and launch virtual care to support Canadians and stop the infection spread (Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau). Moreover, virtual care ensures that everyone has easy access to the best possible care when and where they need it without traveling and waiting in lines, which is especially crucial for patients living in rural and remote areas. The convenient access to care also lowers the burden of family caregivers taking care of patients with special needs and chronic conditions. For nurses, it reduces burnout and administrative burden and increases efficiency. The poll conducted by ​​the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), shows that “47% of Canadians have used "virtual care" such as calls, email , texts or video during the pandemic. Of these, 91 per cent said they were very satisfied with the experience (CBC News)”. With the new technological solutions, government funding and positive patient perception, we can see these numbers growing exponentially in the near future.

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