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Prescription to manifest enlightened industrial revolution unveiled for all nations

Monitor hood and kickstand

PreIncarnated Packaging - Monitor hood and keyboard kickstand made from corrugated carton packaging

RX-78 Gundam paper model on four A4 sheets

PreIncarnated packaging with paper RX-78 Gundam paper toy printed on the inside

Styrofoam shock absorber

Lego-lized styrofoam shock absorber to ditch the recycling hoax

A thorough plan to correct prior mistakes and material wastes resulted from capitalist consumerism that thrives on boundless expansionism of frequent refreshes.

Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we've been ignorant of their value.”
— Buckminister Fuller
TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, November 17, 2022 / -- Enlightened Industrial Revolution is a thorough plan to correct prior mistakes and material wastes resulted from capitalist consumerism that thrives on boundless expansionism of frequent refreshes.

EIR identifies “recycling” as a convenient excuse conjured for industrial designers and marketing professionals to produce and push “diddly-squat innovations”  aimed to stimulate superfluous consumption.

EIR uses “Open Connection Architecture” that enables “Distributed Manufacturing” for all nations and reduces shipping needs to only flat PCB boards and industrial-package electronic components.

Casing of products are made locally with 3D-printing or light CNC machines that uses local material that either needs no shipping or material processed nearby.

“ReSpanking” then reuses already produced PCB boards and casings and pass them down through different levels of consumption of required material strength or structural integrity.

“ReSpanking” begins with aerospace grade casings, to medical, military, enterprise, consumer, pre-owned, donation, free-exchange to DIY artisans and are respanked through nine layers as hand-me-downs.

A Missile8964 computing device can be produced, used and respanked while saving shipping resources by eliminating the need to ship finished product that creates packaging wastes.

“Pre-Incarnation” clears the name and proves the innocence of plastic and styrofoam by giving them a permanent life span instead of making them disposable that ruined their reputations.

Carton exterior packaging can be pre-incarnated with a library of 3D templates for community laser cutters and make useful furniture, monitor hoods, notebook stands, and even lanterns.

Printed packaging box can be pre-incarnated by printing both sides so inverting them as holiday gift boxes, personal storage is a quick manual process.

The printing on the reverse side can even be other printable, such as paper models, dolls, and dress sets for kids to play with.

Styrofoam frames made in smaller standard sticks of either 30 or 15 cm and bounded with rubber-bands, and that allows only key corners needs to be disposed.

Smaller styrofoam sticks can Re-Spank into other home projects that combine carton boards to make useful household items of medium structural strength or give away.

Thicker plastics containers with label insertion mechanism can accommodate brand labels and artworks, so they can be easily swapped for other than initially intended purposes.

Publicly shared 3D-printable caps and lids for containers with standardized design prolongs the useful life of containers, as losing them is often the reason for disposal.

The EIR directive reduces the need to ship finished products that require more packaging materials to protect the perfect exterior and jump-starts repairing earth.

Efforts to extend OCA and Distributed Manufacturing to the DSLR and mirror-less, and the automobile industries are underway to bring manufacturing home for all nations.

All projects are hosted under “raconteuria-by-claritism” on GitHub, beginning Thursday, December 01, 2022 (2022-12-01), and please check back with us weekly to cheer on our progress:

You are invited to participate as an individual. Contribution as a group or organization of any kind will be confiscated and further participation, even back as an individual, prevented by Soliloque. All projects are open-source and protected by the Soliloque License to ensure “raconteuria” achieves the three goals of Claritism.

“Nature is a totally efficient, self-regenerating system. If we discover the laws that govern this system and live synergistically within them, sustainability will follow and humankind will be a success.” – Buckminister Fuller


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Notes to Editors

— Visit : for the list of products and industries affected by Missile8964 and other applications of OCA.

— “raconteuria-By-Claritism” is a goodwill offering for the recognition of independence for “raconteuria – the 1st FOQNE” as a sovereign nation, which declared independence on 2021-09-01.

— Sci-Fi author Neal Stephenson defined FOQNE – “Franchise Organized Quasi-National Entity” in his novel “Snow Crash”.

— "raconteuria" is not named with a capital "R" for a reason. Visit : for details about it as a FOQNE.

— The three ultimate goals of raconteuria's constitution “Claritism: Remove Humanity To Rebuild It and Repair Earth”
– Universal Equality
– Enlightened Industrial Revolution
– Priority Earth

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Prescription to manifest enlightened industrial revolution unveiled for all nations