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20,000 Customer Issues Resolved: A Startup Howly Continues to Conquer the Market of Online Consultations

DOVER, DELAWARE, USA, November 24, 2022 / -- In October 2022, the Howly team set a new record number — 20,000 user issues were successfully resolved via its platform. The same month, as a participant in TechCrunch Disrupt 2022, Howly demonstrated how a startup headquartered in Ukraine could make a difference in the global market of online consultations.

Howly is a questions-and-answers platform where people can get high-quality one-on-one online advice from top professionals in different fields 24/7. But how did a small company receive its mindblowing results in about a year of promotion? Let’s move to Jane’s flat in New York City to clarify it.
The woman woke up, as usual, took a shower, and wanted to style her hair with a hair dryer. The device didn’t work – there was something wrong with the cord. Baffled and nervous, Jane had to spend half an hour figuring out the issue.

That day, she had a long road to cover, so she decided to go by car. Jane fastened a seat belt and started setting travel coordinates. Suddenly she realized that her CarPlay didn’t work. So she had to spend 30 minutes more to fix that problem.

Coordinates were finally set, and Jane could drive to a chosen supermarket to purchase new headphones. She’d been using her old ones for five years, and all she could hear through constant hissing and whizzing were “Hi” and “Goodbye” words. She approached a showcase, but a salesperson was missing. Anyway, she could choose suitable headphones herself, right? But after passing by tens of models, Jane understood that getting some help would save her time. So she decided to watch online reviews for the most interesting devices. Eventually, an hour later, she could choose the best-suiting model.

Good food was what Jane needed to relax after all the morning stress. Luckily, she knew a good place nearby to dine. Dashing to the door, she discovered that the restaurant was closed for a technological break. So Jane had to search for a good 4- or 5-star rated vegetarian cafe somewhere close. Frustrated, she walked back to her car and started to search the restaurant through various apps, reviewing recommendations and maps. Yes, there were some good places on the list. But she just had to spend additional half an hour to find them.

Jane returned home tired and annoyed. Loading a washing machine was the last routine task left. She did the usual action and pressed “Start” as the final step. But the button just flashed three times, and nothing happened afterward. Maybe an instruction would help? Well, the last time Jane saw it was… Oops! She never saw it. The YouTube video helped her resolve this issue, but only after 40 minutes of tiresome searching.

After clarifying everything with the device, Jane moved to her room. It seemed nothing could go wrong. She turned on her favorite Netflix show to forget about all inconveniences of the long day. But she needed to check her email first. Wait, what was that? A letter from the tax service saying that some form was filled incorrectly. She got so nervous that she decided it was better to solve everything immediately. So it took her one more hour to find a needed document and clarify how to fill it in.

Overall, that day, Jane spent about 3 to 4 hours of her life searching for the answers she’d unlikely use ever after.

Here’s the answer to why Howly is gaining popularity and why more people want to become its clients. Subscribing to this service gives people the most valuable thing — time for themselves.

Howly clients know that all they need is to address one of the experts. It doesn’t matter if it’s an expert in household appliances, a financial consultant, a gadget gig, or any other Howly professional. Anyway, each Howly chat will save up time for more important things.

Christine Tomas
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