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Dame Munni Irone Presents the 11th Annual ART 4 PEACE AWARDS (Beverly Hills)

Art for Peace Awards (Beverly Hills)

Dame Munni Irone Founder of Art 4 Peace Awards (Beverly Hills)

Dr. Gershom Sikaala Founder of PureKonect

The Art 4 Peace Awards is not a political or religious institution We are working with politicians to bring them to conscience so they can be conscience leaders

Aiming to establish human rights across the globe, there is a need to start thinking beyond boundaries.””
— Dame Munni Irone Founder of Art 4 Peace Awards (Beverly Hills
BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 1, 2022 / -- Dame Munni Irone in collaboration with Dr. Gershom Sikaala presents the 11th annual Art 4 Peace Awards and three day International Peace Summit and Gala starting November 10th.

Dame Munni Irone states, “Aiming to establish human rights across the globe, there is a need to start thinking beyond boundaries.” In the world, everyone should have the same rights and opportunities in the system. As every year on Human Rights Day, it's been talked about for years. There are seminars, discussions, and voices raised to protect human rights on different platforms worldwide. The Art 4 Peace Awards is not a political or religious institution. We are working with politicians to bring them to conscience so they can be conscience leaders. We believe every human has a conscience, awakening to their conscience will create, jobs and healing. We believe that Conscience education starts from kindergarten it will protect human rights and other crimes. 

The founder of Art 4 Peace Awards (Beverly Hills), Dame Munni Irone decided with her global team to plant a peace tree in Beverly Hills. Nov 10 the peace tree is going to plant in Beverly Hills with international delegates and local residents.

On Nov 11 at 10 AM at the Saban theatre, we will have an honorary doctorate: The recipients are Mr. Liston Bouchette, Javid Pymani, Rajbir Singh Husson,  Dr. Amb Pst Verona V Broomes, Dr. Amb Andrew A Broomes, Dr. Amb Denise Zoubert,  Charles Quainoo,  Dr. Amb Patrick Nolan, Dr. Amb Taré Porbeni, Dr. Amb Ann Marie Wright,  Dr. Amb Pst, Christopher A Pusey, Dr. Amb Pst Grace M Morgan, Dr. Amb Pst Andrea L Thompson and  Dr. Amb Georgia Reynolds
Crowning of our King and the Queen of Art 4 Peace Awards. And two minutes of global silence on 11/11/2022 in front of the theatre. Everyone will be holding their country flags. Every country that hates each other brings them to our table for peace and love.  The same night at 5:00 pm we are going to have a royal summit to bring the business world together and network, regardless of culture, tradition, skin color, or language.

On Nov 12 the Haiti Presidential candidate Mr. Jude Elie, Dr. Greshom Sikaala, H.E. king Aki Nui’i,  His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishna, Honorary Rabbi David Barron, Honorary John Mirisch, Honorary Dr. Michael Vo, Honorary Liston Bouchette, and Liam O Connor.

Our Awardees for 2022
#1 Dr. Amb Pst Verona V Broomes,
 #2 Dr. Amb Andrew A Broomes
 #3 Dr. Amb Denise Zoubert
 #4 Charles Quainoo
 #5 Dr. Amb Patrick Nolan
 #7 Dr. Amb Taré Porbeni
 #8 Dr. Amb Ann Marie Wright 
#9 Dr. Amb Pst, Christopher A Pusey 
#10 Dr. Amb Pst Grace M Morgan 
#11 Dr. Amb Pst Andrea L Thompson
 # 12 Dr. Amb Georgia Reynolds #13 Dr. Listen Bouchette #14. Amitab Shrivastav # 15 Dr. Bonzie William # 16 Sir Gary Kong # 17 Ambassador April Sutton #18 Annie Pirmoradi

Our Queen for Art 4 Peace Awards is Alma Dang and the King is Sandip Soparrkar.
Art 4 Peace Awards will honor Royal Peace Awards recipients are John Mirisch, Rabbi David Barron, Liam O Connor and Dr. Gershom Sikaala

Art 4 Peace Awards will honor Legendry Mr. Alston Koch from Australia, Legendry Mr. Navin Gunerantne from Sri Lanka, Legendry Bobby Chance from Hollywood

Art 4 Peace Awards will have a gigantic red carpet with four soldier solutes, The folk dancer and singer Guddu will be playing the instrument, and Shofar for the royal entourage. Our opening will be done by Josh Morland (Bare Hands) Mexican Mariachi band will be singing with Violeta Martin and Pepe Reyes Torres. Ms. Megan Rossetti, Maitte Rivero, Carmen Jara, and the one and only Ms. Rebecca Holden with her signature song (Dream comes true and the US National Anthem). And Frank Tapia.

We will have a designer Ms.Rina Dhaka fashion show with the live singer is Jame Kosh (Be a Change) from Australia; since she will be representing organic Fabric. Ms. Samita collections will entertain by Alston Kosh the king of the Pope from Australia will sing his gold record song (You are my girl). Attending will also be celebrities from Bollywood including Simran Ahuja and American Idol finalist Rocky Peter from Hollywood, along with Philanthropist David Allan Keil Chairman of Project One Earth building school computer labs and water towers for the underprivileged.

Dr. Gershom Sikaala a recipient of the Royal Peace Award is also collaborating to help produce and promote the event. Dr. Gershom Sikaala  is a Hollywood Celebrity, Mentor and Prince. He was born in Zambia, Southern Africa and is a businessman, humanitarian, author, speaker, television host, media personality, global goodwill peace ambassador and founder of Global Charity Initiative. Dr. Sikaala is also the creator of Purekonect, an alternative social media platform that protects personal data while connecting families and friends. In addition, is a platform on Roku tv and Amazon fire tv, broadcasting events, television, & movies  will be broadcasting the event to the world. Interested parties can find more information at and .

We want you all to have a fun and not boring award ceremony. We don’t mess around right after awards live music with dancing and fun. Looking forward to helping build a brand New Haiti under the leadership of Jude Elie.
On talking with Dame Munni Irone, she said, " When people don't have Conscience, they become capable. Killing other humans, animals, and the planet earth.”

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