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NFTs Reinvent Trick or Treating this Halloween

metapep labs' Spooktacular NFT Battle Royale Banner featuring artwork from the Cogito Mortis NFT Collection by Tap Tap Kaboom (provided by artist)

metapep labs launched Cogito Mortis by Tap Tap Kaboom (image courtesy Rich Armstrong)

A Treat NFT from metapep labs' Spooktacular NFT Battle Royale featuring a candy corn worth ten points in the game

A Treat NFT (courtesy metapep labs)

A Game Piece NFT from metapep labs Spooktacular NFT Battle Royale featuring a Halloween themed design with a pumpkin Trick or Treat basket and spiderwebs.

A Game Piece NFT (courtesy metapep labs)

Web3 agency metapep labs created an NFT Trick or Treating experience for grownups with prizes from top Avalanche blockchain artists, including Tap Tap Kaboom.

[Tap Tap Kaboom] has got the perfect combination of talent, an iconic style, and a limitless imagination that draws people deep into the worlds he creates.”
— Candice Jarrett, Co-founder of metapep labs
UNITED STATES, October 27, 2022 / -- This week, metapep labs launched a Halloween Spooktacular NFT Battle Royale, a week-long competition that reinvents the concept of Trick or Treating by leveraging the power of web3. To kick off this initiative, metapep teamed up with acclaimed NFT artist Tap Tap Kaboom (Rich Armstrong).

Tap Tap Kaboom’s latest collection, Cogito Mortis, was launched as the first component of metapep labs’ virtual Trick or Treat, with NFT prizes that include MadSkullz, Monkeez, Acid Cats, MooBeanz, as well as the the grand prize - a one-of-a-kind Doodleverse Special by Tap Tap Kaboom himself.

Cogito Mortis was a stealth mint orchestrated by the metapep labs’ team and launched on their weekly Twitter space called #MicroMintMonday (hosted by @CandiceJarrett). The collection was a closely guarded secret, only revealed directly before the mint opened. Despite this, people all over the world were vying for only 52 pieces of art. This built-in audience was thanks in part due to metapep labs’ stellar reputation of selling out more than 22 collections in their first quarter.

“Tap Tap Kaboom is a renowned artist in the AVAX NFT ecosystem,” metapep lab's co-founder Candice Jarrett said. “He’s got the perfect combination of talent, an iconic style, and a limitless imagination that draws people deep into the worlds he creates. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him and look forward to future collabs as well.”

Indeed, Opensea tweeted about Tap Tap Kaboom earlier this month when citing “amazing collections” they hoped to onboard to their platform.

“When orchestrating our Trick or Treat experience, we didn’t want the competition to affect secondary sales of such valuable artwork,” metapep labs’ co-founder Chris Fusillo explained. “We devised a method to include an external game piece NFT that is soul-bound, which means that it cannot be removed from a player’s wallet until the conclusion of the game. People who held a Cogito Mortis NFT 24 hours after mint were eligible to claim a free game piece.”

If you were not able to get one of these NFTS, game pieces can be minted on starting Wednesday October 26th. An external game piece had an added benefit as well: as the Tap Tap Kaboom Collection was only 52 pieces, having a separate game piece to act as entry into the NFT Battle Royale allowed for more players to participate.

“There are three NFT components people need to play,” Jarrett said. “A game piece, treats, and tricks. Treats add points to your wallet. Tricks are NFTs you send to other players to reduce their points. Whoever has the most points on Halloween night when the game concludes, wins!”

A scoreboard is available on to allow people to track their progress and see how they stack up against their fellow contestants. The game concludes on Halloween, October 31 2022 at 10PM ET and is immediately followed by a release of a Halloween NFT collection by artist Hexxed by Zarda, the creative force behind the upcoming project Mechavax.


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