The world’s biggest cash prize speed typing competition website revamps for 2023

Screenshot of Level 1 of Classic Typing Tutor showing a pair of hands with a keyboard character in the middle of them. The fingernail of the relevant finger for that key is coloured red.

Classic Typing Tutor Level 1

Screenshot of Level 2.  Shows two rows, the top row shows a few words based on the Level 1 letters just learned and the bottom is where you type, letter for letter underneath the top row text

Classic Typing Tutor Level 2

Screenshot of Level 3.  Shows two rows, the top row shows sentences based on the Level 1 and 2  letters just learned and the bottom is where you type, letter for letter underneath the top row text

Classic Typing Tutor Level 3

Screenshot of Level 1 of Dual Learning Tutor showing two boxes at the top of the screen. Each has a pair of hands with a keyboard character in the middle of them, one box has the UK flag and the other box the French flag representing the language which is

Dual Learning Level 1

Typing Test section Home Page

Typing Test section Home Page gets back to its roots by promoting its typing and language tutors and typing tests

Learn to type. After all, you learnt to write.”
— Tony Rust - Managing Director - Better Skills, Better Life Ltd
BLACKPOOL, LANCASHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, October 20, 2022 / -- Blackpool, UK, based is known for being the biggest cash prize speed typing competition site on the Internet but they offer far more. Their recent revamp of their website is aimed at highlighting their other typing products.

Tony Rust , Managing Director of Better Skills, Better Life Ltd, the company behind explains, “There are three main offerings on the website. The one that we’re most well known for is our cash prize speed typing competitions where we give away thousands of pounds in prizes each year and award titles and trophies to The Fastest Typist in the World and The Fastest Typist in each of various qualifying countries.”

“What is not widely known is that our core products are typing and language tutors, and typing tests. Nearly forty years ago I was one of the first in the IT industry to develop, and sell worldwide, multi-lingual typing tutors for PCs and other devices. Now, with bsbltyping as a business, we want to start to make the bsbltyping range of typing and language tutors more widely known and to enable more people to learn to type quickly, accurately and confidently.”

“Our Classic Typing Tutors feature our unique fast and effective learning method with over 2,500 exercises per language in the Classic Typing Tutor. The method uses three levels – single characters, short phrases and then sentences. It’s a proven way to learn to type accurately and quickly. It deals with the various different keyboard layouts used in different countries for different languages. At the end of it you can print out a Certificate of Achievement to show how well you can type.”

“We teach basic language skills in a novel way. Language is learnt through repetition, in a very similar way in which you learn to type. In any selected language, we use the method of listening to a letter, word or phrase which is spoken from the system, and then typing that letter, word in phrase. In this way the user not only practices typing but learns the basics of a new language. We call this the Dual Learning Method.”

“In our Dictate typing practice product we aim at providing practice for dictation typing. In this we have our Classic Typing Tutor coupled to letters, words and phrases in your selected language, which you listen to and then type.”

“All of these products are available at a modest subscription price and can be purchased for individuals, family groups or organisations. There’s a no-risk free trial available, you don’t need a credit card for this, and it gives you full access for a month.”

“The third great feature on the bsbltyping website is our Typing Tests. These are engaging typing challenges for all ages and features 15 and 30 second burst speed tests, a one minute test and a five minute test. They’re a great range of tests. in fourteen languages, and as a bonus you can upload your own texts to create your own tests

“As a feature of interest we also have a reference section for those interested in keystroke analysis. We call it our Analytics section and it shows, amongst other things, the average accuracy of every keyboard key based on millions of keystrokes made by our worldwide users. If you’re running a quiz and you want to know which computer keyboard keys are the easiest and most difficult to type accurately this is the place to look. Great material for pub quizzes!”

The bsbltyping website is constantly adding new features and bsbltyping say that they are always ready to listen to and act on any feedback which improves their user experience.

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