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Innovation for Human Resources starts with diving into the challenges 2022 held & leveraging of the trends for 2023

Human Resources rising above the challenges by embracing automation

Human Resources rising above the challenges by embracing automation

Due to the fact that HR deals with humans there are bound to always be challenges. One way to succeed is to know what lies ahead and adapt your HR strategy

HR's focus should never shift from their key objectives, which involves perfecting each touch point of the employee experience and perception of the organization”
— Rene Brunt

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, October 17, 2022 / -- During 2022 there has been some of the same challenges arising from previous years but we have also seen some new ones rearing its head, pushing human resource teams to be more innovative and hands-on than what they have ever been.

Below are a few challenges that have made headlines during 2022.

Relationship management
With the hybrid model comes pros and cons. One of the biggest hurdle companies’ face is to keep the employees motivated and engaged. Teams working remotely often find themselves feeling left out or disconnected and it is important for human resource departments to acknowledge this and be proactive in managing the relationships between team members and their managers.

Training and development strategies
Having a training and development strategy in place is crucial for planning upskilling and reskilling in the new economy. In the past a lot of focus was given to training in Technical skills but it has become imperative for leaders to have Soft skills such as critical thinking, emotional and social intelligence and most importantly able to communicate effectively.

Attracting talent
Although it is important to have attractive benefit packages to attract talent, human resource departments need to dig deeper and offer meaningful experiences and a greater sense of purpose to your potential employees. Employer brands have become very important and people feel the need to connect to the brand they work for. A successful Employer brand is a brand that stands by its values, doesn’t back down and is passionate about the brand.

More and more employees want to work for companies that value diversity and offer everyone a sense of belonging.

Talent retention
One of the biggest downfalls for a company is to not have exit interviews in place. This is one of the best ways for human resources to get insight into why employees are leaving and what changes are necessary within an organization to retain talent.

Change is inevitable

Employees have had a taste of what it is like to work from home and have the flexibility that remote work arrangements offer. Human resources need to take this into account if you want to ensure that you retain and attract talent.

Employee Health and Well-Being
After the major disruptions of 2020, employers realized there is a need for customized benefit plans to address individual employees’ most pressing issues. Some forward thinking companies are offering better, more varied benefits, including child and elder care benefits, and expanding coverage to mental health services. To sustain employee health and wellness it has to be incorporated in their daily work lives.

Below are some key insights to enable the department that is predominantly the most effected by the hybrid model and upcoming trends to be ready for during 2023.

Flexibility is the new orange
The main challenge for the HR team is that you have to do your traditional screening, interviews, onboarding etc. remotely instead of physically having your employees with you. HR departments had to embrace new technology and processes to ensure that they are able to accommodate doing everything remotely. Flexibility is one of the benefits that employees are now expecting to be part of their employment contract and is a vital part of attracting talent.

Generation Z versus the existing workforce
Although Millennials have been entering the workforce over the last couple of years, generation Z will soon be graduating and entering the workforce. This generation enjoy flexible work schedules and thrive on constant contact with and feedback from their managers. It will be challenging for HR to manage the new generation and the current workforce that have been in the market for a long time. Doing this remotely will be made even more challenging.

Employee management aps
Technology will always evolve and it is the trend to have an all-in-one Employee Management App. These allow for easy and efficient onboarding, enhances employee training experience, gives opportunity for employee appreciation and recognition, bridges communication gaps, and some even have a time tracking built in for ease of payroll processing.

Employee physical and emotional wellness
With the high level of stress and awareness of looking after your physical health that the pandemic has created over the last few years, this will be one of HR’s key focus areas for a long time to come. Employee assistance programs for mental stress and general good health practices will be key.

Investing internally
Companies are focusing heavily on retaining talent, therefore investment in training programs and internal advancement opportunities has started rearing its head. The challenge for HR is to be able to identify internal talent and growth instead of looking for them externally.

Record pay rises
Employees’ expectations have risen in direct proportion to the current record-high inflation rate. Therefore it is important for the HR team to plan for the expected increase in company raises to ensure that they retain good talent.

Owning the employer brand
It is important to have a powerful employer brand to attract and retain best talents in today’s competitive labour market. Giving focus on careers sight, having a talent community and nourishing company culture and able to grow a sophisticated attraction strategy is some of the things HR will have to focus on for 2023

Don’t neglect the human element
There has been such an influx of different technology in the HR space but AI and software will never replace the human element required in HR. There are still the human issues such as mental health, staff turnover and physical health that HR will have to deal with.

With to so many key focus areas, document management should be the least of an HR departments worries. Being able to scan, file and retrieve documents easily should be a priority for an organization to work towards automation and digitalization to allow for evolution of their HR departments.
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