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GPoint develops a New E-Wallet App for Mobile with Cashback and fast Secure Digital Payments.

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- California-based E-wallet app GPoint Wallet ( is developing a new function through which people send and receive money on their mobile devices by offering Cashback on digital transactions. In recent progress, the company has launched a new E-Wallet App for Mobile phone users with Cashback and secure digital payments in seconds.

A subsidiary of Master & S, Inc., GPoint Wallet awards users "GPoints" every time they use the app to pay for goods or services at affiliated merchants. GPoint Wallet rewards its most loyal customers with relatively high cashback percentages of between 2.5% and 50%. The purchases, payments, and receipts processed by the newly launched E-wallet app are safe and secure. With a simple search function or a QR code, it enables users to pay for goods and services with GPoint Wallet or send money directly to other users. 

Furthermore, GPoint Wallet is helping businesses grow by offering their customers Cashback; hence participating businesses are developing brand loyalty and inspiring word of mouth. Richard Pyo, the CEO of GPoint Wallet, expressed his views about the new development of his company:

"We wanted to give both consumers and businesses an added incentive to use our E-wallet for payments and sending money directly to recipients. When consumers use GPoint Wallet to pay for goods and services at affiliated merchants, they get up to 50% cashback. And businesses give their customers a strong incentive to return and make repeat purchases."

He further added, 

"Every GPoint" earned is worth a buck. Users can either spend their points on purchases from affiliated businesses, transfer their points to their bank accounts, or send them to other GPoint Wallet users. We're confident that we have created the most intuitive, secure, and generous cashback program in the E-wallet sector. We have teamed up with Fortress Blockchain Technologies to deliver integrated crypto wallet functionality that makes depositing and spending cryptocurrencies seamless."

GPoint Wallet can download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The developers plan to introduce crypto wallet technology to the GPoint Wallet app in late 2022. 

About GPoint Wallet

GPoint Wallet is an intuitive, user-friendly E-wallet that allows users to pay for goods and send money privately from their iPhone or Android device. A subsidiary of Master & S Inc., this growing E-wallet brand has developed one of the industry's most generous cashback programs and a powerful mobile interface that makes digital payments quick, safe, and exceptionally easy. 

Recently, it has collaborated with Fortress Blockchain Technologies. With the help of Fortress's services, GPoint Wallet can provide custodial accounts for wallet users and a secure crypto wallet. The two companies are working together on plans for a global debit card function — expected to launch in 2023. Before the worldwide debit card gets found, users can apply for the Fortress card, an international card.

The involvement of Fortress Blockchain Technologies is a sign of this new E-wallet's potential. The emerging company has developed a reputation for its various blockchain technologies, minting engine, and financial infrastructure for Web3 and crypto innovators. 

Jane Lee
GPoint Wallet

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