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EcoEnclose Launches Pilot Program for Wheat Straw Kraft Bags

Kraft Bags for Inner Packaging

Kraft Bags for Inner Packaging

Wheat Straw Kraft Bags

A Variety of Kraft Bag Sizes

Eco-Friendly Inner Packaging for Apparel

Eco-Friendly Inner Packaging for Apparel

Wheat Straw Kraft Bags are a Replacement for Clear Poly Bags and Help Fashion Brands Eliminate Single-Use Plastics While Still Protecting Old Growth Forests

LOUISVILLE, CO, USA, September 28, 2022 / -- EcoEnclose - producer of sustainable packaging for the world’s most conscious eCommerce brands - has recently launched a pilot program for Kraft Bag & Seals made with wheat straw and recycled content. This launch marks a pivotal step in EcoEnclose’s commitment to making next-generation paper fibers a standard offering for eco-conscious brands.

Most fashion brands use clear poly bags to protect their goods in transit from their overseas factories to their fulfillment centers to their end consumers. An estimated 180 billion of these clear bags are produced yearly to protect, store, and ship apparel, footwear, and accessories across their complex supply chains. However, as forward-thinking brands explore opportunities to eliminate single-use plastic, many are now looking for more sustainable alternatives.

Unfortunately, brands often transition from virgin plastic to virgin paper, a step that puts added pressure on our planet’s old-growth forests.
EcoEnclose has become a leader in this space, helping enterprise brands eliminate plastic from their operations in ways that do not contribute to deforestation. The company has developed a robust line of eco-friendly inner packaging solutions, including 100% recycled clear poly bags, curbside recyclable translucent glassine bags, 100% recycled kraft bags, and 100% recycled paper belly bands.

Their latest innovation, Wheat Straw Kraft Bags, represents another essential leap forward as they are made with 80% recycled content and 20% wheat straw, the agricultural waste generated from producing wheat. Any fashion brand using clear poly bags across its global supply chain can participate in EcoEnclose’s wheat straw pilot. Participants will receive 500 to 1,500 Wheat Straw Kraft Bags bags for free (in one of two sizes). In return, EcoEnclose simply asks that participating brands share customer and operational feedback and fulfillment data to help test and - if necessary - improve the Wheat Straw bag in subsequent iterations. Brands interested in participating can email Saloni Doshi at

“Many well-intentioned brands are making the leap from plastic to paper that is naturally biodegradable and curbside recyclable. However, in pursuing this transition, some companies overlook how important it is to source their paper responsibly,” explains Saloni Doshi, CEO and Chief Sustainability Geek at EcoEnclose, “We believe that replacing plastic with paper that could be from an old-growth forest does more harm than good. This is why EcoEnclose has committed to maximizing recycled content in our paper solutions, sourcing only FSC-certified paper where virgin paper must be used, and spearheading the industry’s adoption of ecologically produced non-tree paper fibers like wheat straw.”

EcoEnclose is a Canopy Planet Pack4Good Partner and has made it a corporate priority to diversify the world’s fiber basket beyond trees by making agricultural waste and other sustainable non-tree inputs more viable and readily available.

About EcoEnclose: EcoEnclose is a leading sustainable packaging company that has helped over 50,000 eCommerce stores be proud of how they ship. EcoEnclose has a long-term vision of achieving true packaging circularity and is constantly innovating and improving offerings to support that goal. The company partners with brands of all sizes to develop custom packaging solutions that meet their sustainability goals, brand proposition, budget, and operational requirements.

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