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SalesScreen Leads Gamification, Implementation, & User Adoption in Fall G2 Report

SalesScreen is once again leading the pack in gamification for the sixth straight quarter

SalesScreen is once again leading the pack in sales gamification for the sixth straight quarter.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 29, 2022 / -- The Fall G2 Report is out, and SalesScreen is once again leading the pack in gamification for the sixth straight quarter. G2 is a company that takes user reviews of tech companies and aggregates them into grids and ranking systems to see how companies stack up against each other in certain fields. Let’s dive into SalesScreen’s fall G2 reports.

Sales Gamification
As we mentioned earlier, for the sixth straight quarter SalesScreen has been listed as a leader in sales gamification. Their customers ranked them highly across the board, giving them a 98% approval rate in quality of support, a 97% in ease of doing business with, 97% in awards & incentives, 94% in performance & reliability, a 92% in ease of use, and more. They also have been recognized in every business segment, showing that SalesScreen is a top solution for businesses of all sizes.

Enterprise-Level Sales Solutions
SalesScreen has been boosting its capabilities for enterprise-level clients for the past few quarters. Their users named them one of the top companies in the Sales Gamification Usability Index at the Enterprise level, citing 89% ease of use, 88% ease of admin, 94% meets requirements, and a massive 92% average user adoption. This user adoption rate is extremely important at larger companies, and a 92% average user adoption rate is almost unprecedented, so there is some serious bang-for-your-buck potential here.

Winning Customer Service
One of the most noteworthy badges SalesScreen won this quarter is for most implementable gamification software. If you have ever tried to train a sales team or transition to a new piece of software, you know how big of a headache it can be to try to get everything up and running, especially at the start of the relationship. Their industry-leading 88% implementation score backed with their 91% ease of setup ranking and 88% overall average user adoption rate makes SalesScreen one of the easiest pieces of gamification for a team to interact with, from VPs to the newest SDR.

If you would like to get involved by reviewing SalesScreen on G2, click this link to start your review.

About SalesScreen
SalesScreen combines visualization and gamification, giving sellers unprecedented access to their KPIs which increases engagement and boosts productivity. Gamification elements turbocharge performance, improve morale, and motivate sellers to go above and beyond benchmarks. SalesScreen is currently leveraged by hundreds of companies globally across multiple industries and is regularly named one of the most intuitive and comprehensive sales gamification platforms.

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