Contemporary Atlantic Canada Artist calls out Congress mondial Acadian on lack of Inclusion

Claude Edwin Theriault MBF-Lifestyle Our artist from the Bay  Congress Mondial Acadian 2024 Claregyle

Claude Edwin Theriault Congress Mondial Acadian 2024 Claregyle

Claude Edwin Theriault MBF-Lifestyle Our artist from the Bay  Congress Mondial Acadian 2024 Claregyle

Claude Edwin Theriault MBF-Lifestyle Our artist from the Bay Congress Mondial Acadian 2024 Claregyle

Claude Edwin Theriault MBF-Lifestyle NFT creator artist from the Bay  Congress Mondial Acadian 2024 Claregyle

Claude Edwin Theriault MBF-Lifestyle Contemporary artist from the Bay Congress Mondial Acadian 2024 Claregyle

Atlantic Canadian NFT creator excluded from Artist line up at Congress Mondial Acadian 2024

As long as French Acadian Culture Looks back on its Heritage Patrimonial past, it will never move forward”
— Claude Edwin Theriault
ST-BERNARD, NS, CANADA, October 17, 2022 / -- French Acadian NFT Creator Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast continues to call out the executive committee of the Acadian World Congres 2024 for the lack of inclusion of visual artists in the list of Our artists from St Marys Bay Nova Scotia. The executive committee is made up of 10 straight white Catholic academics who are not comfortable with the Artwork produced by Queer Asperger Artist Claude Edwin Theriault, and are therefore Ghosting him; since ignoring him it is the reactive thing to do. Hence his forced need to establish his own sovereignty to claim ownership of his intellectual property and demand a platform on which to present his visual narrative of artworks for the past 40 years.

In the contemporary art world, there is a growing movement toward recognizing the sovereignty of French Acadian culture. This movement has emerged as a cornerstone of MBFLifestyle artwork and is reflected in the way that artists are simply just increasingly asserting their solopreneurial independence and self-determination; since he has no choice.

For artist Claude Edwin Theriault working within this context is the only choice. As he continues to insist on having Visual Artists added to the list of our artists from the Bay, cultural agenda, and program in Claregyle Aust 2024. Since artist Sovereignty is a critical concept that allows MBF-Lifestyle to maintain control over the growing multi-platform collection of work and creative process of NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault.

When one produces marginalized Modern Contemporary critical art of innovative cultural importance; the role of the artist as a sovereign agent must be maintained. Sovereignty is the means of simply maintaining certain conditions of production in which artists are able to determine the direction of their work, its subject matter, and form, and the methodologies they use–rather than having them dictated by institutions, critics, curators, academics, collectors, dealers, the public, in the new Web 3.0 Crypto art Blockchain metaverse we are moving to as a culture

Queer Asperegr visual artist Claude Edwin Theriault continues to call out mainstream Atlantic Canada media; on there don't ask don't ideology and the ghosting that comes with it. Since he finds it is still endemic in Universities, Television, and newspapers in all of Atlantic Canada controlling all of who and what gets seen or heard.
Due to the complex Intellectual concepts and extensive use of First Nations-inspired Archetypal Esoteric Totemic-inspired imagery; so as to narrate the visual topics covered in the extensive 40-year artwork collection of Claude Edwin Theriault. However, they do not seem to meet the approval of the local powers that be. Hence the need for change in times of
great cultural change. and renaissance in the visual arts. so as to have Access Nova Scotia truly be accessible to all Nova Scotians; not just a select few.

His NFT collections are barrier-breaking 3D motion graphic designs that are trending and breaking new ground. The Modern Contemporary NFT creation artwork of Claude Edwin Theriault is of importance due to the sheer force of their narrative relevant to the massive cultural change we are living through.

It is pertinent and relevant artwork; that should be featured at this Congres Mondial Acadian 2024 cultural event. For years the cultural committee has not been interested in anything outside of the mainstream, the Heritage Patrimonial formula of Evangeline Gabriel Grand Pre, and the deportation of the Acadian history.
Hence the future of his artwork and the chance of it being seen remains in question.

Claude continues to not just ask, but demand that Visual artists be included in the list of Our Artists from the Bay. so as to make the event a truly diverse meeting and cultural exchange.Instead of the same yearly cookie cutter and a formulaic showcase of the Provincial and Federal funded; Heritage Patrimonial cultural representations like the French Acadian cultural administrative beaurocrates have been doing for more than half a century.

Since a French Acadian Heritage and Patrimonial Culture that continually looks backwards to its past will never move forward.

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Lack of Inclusion in French Acadian World Congress