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Jim Thebaut, Renowned Executive Producer, Premiering Documentary Showing Water to Soon Be Scarce In Southern California

California Watershed Healing

California Watershed Healing

James Thebaut

James Thebaut

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Jim Thebaut, Acclaimed Director and Executive Producer, says Southern California Watershed Areas will, without needed healing, run out of the water people need.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 4, 2022 / -- Los Angeles will soon be host to the important documentary on the problems with California’s watershed areas and how to fix them, ‘California Watershed Healing’. On October 15th at 4pm there will be a free screening of ‘California Watershed Healing’. Audiences will be enlightened about the conditions of Southern California’s forests and watersheds and how to heal them.

The Warner Grand Theatre at 478 West 6th Street in San Pedro, California will be showing the insightful documentary.

Activist, Director, and Executive Producer, Jim Thebault says this about ‘California Watershed Healing’:

“Water Utilities and the Sanitation District within the LA region have recognized the reality imported water from Northern California and the Colorado River will soon be unavailable. (The reasons transcend drought, Climate Crisis, population growth and lack of adequate infrastructure and regional planning).

The screening [of this documentary] encompasses the Sanitation District, WRD, Metropolitan Water District, LADWP, West Basin and other Southern California Utilities collaborating to implement Water Reuse with the objective of complete Water Independence.

It’s a unique, historical, and a great, inspirational story.”

One should keep in mind it’s rare and amazing for water utility companies to step up and sponsor events like the free screening and discussion Director and Executive Producer Jim Thebaut has created and he and his colleagues have arranged. That’s how important this documentary is to all Southern Californians.

'California Watershed Healing' has garnered praise from a number of sources. Daniel Keppen, Executive Director of the Family Farm Alliance said, “…overall, I think this is excellent, and it's right in line with what our position has been on the need to restore our forests so they can function the way they once used to, particularly regarding water supply yield. …Great content, and awesome imagery. I like it”

Watershed healing is also an important National Security issue. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano says, “It’s climate security, water security, food security… ensuring that those things are adequately taken into account and planned for is an unmet challenge, I would say, in the United States.”

It’s time for Southern Californians to get informed about what their water utilities are doing to protect them from inevitable shortages of water.

For a free screening of California Watershed Healing and to hear a discussion by local water agencies on drought-proofing our water future:

October 15, 2022 at 4 pm
The Warner Grand Theatre
478 W. 6th St., San Pedro, California

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