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Popflick: A New Streaming Platform That Supports Filmmakers

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Watch Movies On Any Device

Popflick is thrilled to announce the launch of its ad-free streaming platform, allowing fans of independent cinema to watch movies while supporting filmmakers.

Popflick members can enjoy our entire movie library while directly supporting content creators”
— Eri Levin
ATLANTA, UNITES STATES, September 23, 2022 / -- “Popflick is an online video streaming community for people with an appetite for rarely told stories. We seek to reach film lovers looking for a distinctive collection of movies,” said founder and CEO Eri Levin. Before founding Popflick, Levin launched Motion Array, an all-in-one platform for filmmakers. He also worked with global broadcast networks to launch and promote TV shows and movies successfully. He added that the Popflick platform’s movies are curated, and many are award-winning.

Popflick provides a platform for original films and filmmakers and seeks to improve the revenue potential of registered filmmakers through subscription-based access. Members can view the entire library for a small monthly fee, and new movies are added every month.

Popflick members enjoy all of the movies in its library while directly supporting content creators. Original titles are available on demand and all in one place. Members can discover a variety of films as they help filmmakers make money with their unique work.

“We support independent film professionals by creating a streaming service that maximizes their potential. The greater the number of subscribers who watch a movie, the more revenue the filmmaker earns,” Levin said

There is another way that Popflick supports filmmakers. Levin noted that traditional movie licensing deals would often prevent the filmmaker from having control of his/her movie. Popflick removes that barrier. After a filmmaker uploads a movie, the filmmaker retains full control of the rights to the film. Popflick is proud to be a launchpad for the next Oscar-winning producer or director.

“We’re passionate about rewarding great filmmaking,” Levin said. “Our members are fans of artistry, creativity, and film in all its forms. With the help of members, we allow film and video producers to be discovered, express themselves freely, and ultimately thrive. We are built on the idea of accessible technologies for everyone to be able to tell their story and share it with the world.”

Independent filmmaking is often a must for first-time filmmakers. Many also want to retain full creative control and greater freedom to tell their story and simply choose to produce films outside the studio system. Popflick can support filmmakers – beginners or those who want to remain independent.

The Popflick app is available for download to stream on TVs from the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices. The Popflick site is a destination for movie reviews, blog content, and many stories about the film industry.

“I believe Popflick is putting to work all of those previous experiences,” he said. “Our platform will help you discover unique stories and interesting characters that maybe would not be possible otherwise. We empower filmmakers by helping them reach an audience without complicated terms while they retain full control of their creation. We built this platform to be a great jump start for talented filmmakers.”

Visit Popflick for more information or to become a member.

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