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Karen Lorre to Host Two Programs on ‘The Natural TV’ Channel

Karen Lorre

Natural TV Channel

Karen Lorre is an actress, speaker, and best-selling author of three books, Karen Lorre now hosts two programs “Stories We Love!” and, “Chronic Pleasure.”

“Karen Lorre’s love radiates to you. You can trust that Karen is the ‘real deal' - she embodies Chronic Pleasure and teaches you to do the same.”
— Dr. Deepak Chopra
PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 23, 2022 / -- Karen Lorre now hosts two programs on the Natural TV Channel, “Stories We Love!” and, “Chronic Pleasure.” Both shows air on e360tv; its You Tube Channel: And on the website: The Natural TV Channel is streamed across all online and “over the top” (OTT) media platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, IOS, Android Mobile, and social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Or you can go to its website, to view the channel anywhere in the world.“Stories We Love!” airs every Friday at 7:00pm PST. “Chronic Pleasure airs each Saturday at 7:00pm PST.

In Karen Lorre’s ‘Stories We Love!’ she interviews people who are doing wonderful things for the world: benefitting children, nature, and people. Karen says, “It’s thrilling to connect with all these incredible people who care so much, and who are finding innovative and brilliant ways to be a benefit to the world and then to share it with my audience. People get so inspired! This is truly a good news show!” In ‘Chronic Pleasure Podcast,’ Karen shares how she handles common issues that most people have experienced. People learn real skills to thrive more in life. Plus, it’s fun. Dr. Deepak Chopra says about Karen, “Karen Lorre’s love radiates to you. You can trust that Karen is the ‘real deal' - she embodies Chronic Pleasure and teaches you to do the same.” -Deepak Chopra Dr. Bruce Lipton says, “Karen’s vision, outlook, and intentions in creating a happier and healthier world are an inspiration and a practice for manifesting self-empowerment. For an antidote to the pain of today’s world of personal and global chaos, work with Karen Lorre."Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Cell biologist and author of the bestselling, The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution (with Steve Bhaerman) and The Honeymoon Effect Karen Lorre is an actress, speaker, and best-selling author of three books. Karen studied pre-med in college, with an emphasis on Psychobiology – AKA: mind/body science. While still in college at UCI, Karen took an acting class in Hollywood. She had one of those ‘bright light’ moments as she was acting, that felt better than anything she had ever experienced before. She realized that acting was something she truly wanted to do. She has acted since she was in her early twenties. Karen played ‘Tina Lord Roberts’ on ‘One Life to Live’ for 4 years (1990-1994), and was nominated for an award. She also was a series regular on the Showtime series.

‘Bedtime’ (1996). Karen has done over a thousand hours of TV, films, and commercials, including many guest star roles, both in comedy and drama. She’s also done about 60 commercials. Karen also teaches her clients and speaking audiences how to have ‘True Mastery’ in their lives, so that relationships, health, and finances all thrive. She helps clients reprogram their subconscious - so that it supports everything they desire - instead of driving them away from what they desire. When the subconscious is aligned with all you desire, life becomes easy, automatic, and effortless. Plus, much more fun!

Karen shares this about herself in the Huffington Post: “When I look at the wildly innovative, abundant, diverse creativity that is in nature, I see how much this divine universe loves to play in new and fresh ways! Being playful allows me to be an open conduit for this unbounded, novel, ingenious divine, fun, effortless, exciting, and full of laughter and wisdom energy! Being playful makes everything easy. Being playful brings out the best in me - and in everyone I encounter.”

Karen is super fit, she loves to travel, learn, dance, do acrobatics, skip on the beach, bounce on her cellerciser trampoline, be in nature, enjoy cooking and eating healthy organic food, and do the X 3 bar.

The Natural TV Channel’s goal is to be a primary source of information, and education, as well as a resource on everything natural.
Natural TV Channel leads the forefront in the world of natural products and alternative medicine, as well as products and services concerned with preserving the environment and promoting Eco-Awareness. It is their mission to seek out those unique products, and the world's leading scientists and practitioners, to create a vehicle and a platform by which the incredible benefits of these can be revealed.

According to one of the founders, Dr. Terry Warren, ‘It is my commitment to educate people and promote a higher level of consciousness, in order to preserve the environment and improve quality of life - globally.’

The Natural TV Channel’s approach is to offer an unsurpassed wellness experience through providing programming with comprehensive natural health information, interviews with leading health practitioners, and interviews about 100 percent natural, and environmentally responsible products for family, household, and pets. Whether searching for nutrition, wellness, disease management, or condition-specific solutions, Natural TV Channel offers viewers content-rich programming provided by medical doctors, scientific advisors, health scholars, alternative health practitioners, and subject experts from around the globe. The Natural TV Channel provides content and programming that is relevant to the needs and lifestyles from children to seniors.

The channel includes interviews, talk shows, product presentations, technology demonstrations, news, and documentaries. They are currently creating content as well as interviewing potential programmers. The channel also offers advertising opportunities. For more information about the channel or to be part of the channel, email them at

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