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Bob Brill, Award-winning Author, Latest Murder Mystery Book Draws Accolades

The Tattoo Murder

Longtime LA Radio Personality Has Penned More Than a Dozen Books

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2022 / -- The Tattoo Murder, the latest novel from award-winning author Bob Brill, has been garnering rave reviews and admiring accolades since being released in July.

“It’s a story of a US Army combat veteran who returns to his hometown of Ventura, California, after seeing too much injustice in the world” explains Brill, a Pittsburgh native and longtime LA broadcaster. The murder mystery’s protagonist, Detective John Potenza, is a “a different kind of cop who marches to the beat of his own drum.” Named after Brill’s ancestral Italian home, Potenza “is fit and trim, loves to surf, knows his way around the kitchen, and finds inspiration from the women in his life and the music that drives him.”

More accustomed to balmy weather, beautiful views, and epic surf, California’s coastal city of Ventura is rocked when a “bruised, battered, and bloated body of a big man” washes up early one morning on the “beach at the end of Seaward Drive,” to borrow from the opening pages, cleverly presented similar to a series of journal entries. The local cops are unused to “these types of crimes, usually reserved for their counterparts in the big cities of Los Angeles and San Diego,” the author writes. Potenza is called to the crime scene, and, thus, the tale begins.

Retired police officer Stuart Graham leaves a glowing review of Brill’s latest work: “An unidentified body, rival biker gangs, tattoo artists, and a Bond-style detective are just the beginning as you’ll soon find yourself deep into the dark world of a murder mystery,” he writes, crediting a great storyline and a cast of intriguing, diverse characters as driving the action. “The swiftly moving plot sucks the reader in . . . with heart-stopping moments.”

Further high praise comes from Internationally renowned "Media Psychiatrist," Dr. Carole Lieberman, who writes, “The Tattoo Murder entices you to escape into another world, where Detective john Potenza takes you on a roller-coaster ride of surfing, sensual escapades, and solving clues to murder. The story will leave an indelible mark on your heart.”

Published by Tuscany Books and available on Amazon, the 357-page mystery novel is dedicated to “the people of Ventura” and includes a trove of Easter eggs for locals to relish, including photos of landmarks, street names, and even the lead character’s high school. Brill says that “many of the characters in the book are derived from my own past and acquaintances and friends.” He assures readers that “while the book is a work of fiction, the people are real—well, sort of.”

Bio: An award-winning journalist, filmmaker, screenwriter, and author with more than a dozen published books, Bob Brill began a stellar career in broadcast journalism in 1972. Winner of the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award, Brill is currently a news anchor at the only all-news radio station in LA. His storied radio career includes work as a UPI National Correspondent and bureau chief. Brill was covering the LA riots in 1992 when he was attacked and beaten, and the chilling audio tape of the event is considered a landmark in broadcast history.

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