Hair Enhancement Centers Unveils Corporate Rebrand to Get Hair MD to Support Strategic Vision and Nationwide Growth

Get Hair MD unveiled a new visual identity, new website, and refreshed positioning

At Get Hair MD, we challenge ourselves to push for new answers and keep thinking and innovating so our patients can get the best hair loss solutions available”
— Paul Herchman, CEO, Get Hair MD
SOUTHLAKE, TX, USA, September 20, 2022 / -- Hair Enhancement Centers today announced a corporate rebrand and launch to Get Hair MD. The timing of our new corporate brand aligns with the significant transformation that is taking place across the organization including our nationwide expansion. The new brand identity embodies the full scope of our offerings, purpose, energy, and enthusiasm of all our physician partners, employees and our dedication to optimal patient outcomes.

“At Get Hair MD, we challenge ourselves to push for new answers and keep thinking and innovating so our patients can get the best hair loss solutions available” said Paul Herchman, CEO, Get Hair MD “Together with our network of world-class physicians, we look forward to continuing our rapid growth and helping patients achieve their hair growth goals.”

The new branding is rooted in the company’s medical heritage, that hair loss is a treatable medical condition and with the proper treatment and guidance from our network of physicians, patients can regrow their hair. As the organization continues to look ahead, creating a strong brand in the marketplace is essential while ensuring the new identity matches our medical commitment and the innovative approach of the Company.

“Our rebrand to Get Hair MD marks another major milestone in the evolution of our Company” said John Carullo, President, Get Hair MD, “Our new brand highlights our medical pedigree as well as our fresh and forward-looking approach to the market, with a clear goal of helping our patients achieve what’s possible.”

The new Get Hair MD branding is effective today and includes a newly launched website at The new and improved site will provide an enhanced experience for patients and be a valuable resource to understand our all of our options, solutions, and to book your free diagnostic consultation.

About Get Hair MD:

Get Hair MD is a network of experienced physicians knowledgeable in all forms and causes of hair loss.

Get Hair MD is the one-stop shop for all hair loss solutions all the way from nutrition, prescription topicals, at-home products, laser treatments and stress maintenance to hair transplantation. Along with the hair loss solutions we provide today, we constantly stay ahead of the technological curve. For example, we are one of the first in the United States to offer FDA-cleared TransDermal Infusion, which drives our pharmaceutical grade serum into the scalp for optimal results.

Get Hair MD has grown this year from a single location in Southlake, TX to 10 locations, providing service to patients across the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex.

For more information about Get Hair MD and to schedule a consultation, please visit our website at

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