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Andrea Andree of The Empowered Living Space LLC to be Featured on Close Up Radio

VERONA, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2022 / -- As busy moms, we’re constantly balancing motherhood, family life, careers, and personal goals. Our household chores, work, and the kids constantly asking for attention can lead us to feel physically drained, stressed, and frustrated. No one – including our kids – gets the best of us, because we’re not feeling like the best version of us. It can feel like a never-ending cycle that’s impossible to break. Realizing it’s time to make some changes is the first step towards positive change; but how do we even start? That’s why we can greatly benefit from working with a top professional who can help us navigate our journey, expand our awareness, and get clarity on how to create the lives we want to live.

Andrea Andree is a top-notch Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer and owner of The Empowered Living Space.

“My focus is working with moms who are feeling stuck and seeking to improve their lives, leverage their potential, and improve the ongoing process of being in a relationship with their child. I help you break through your energetic blocks and restore the balance and flow of energy throughout your body and soul, clarify what is important to you so you can overcome obstacles, and empower you to create strategies for achieving your goals.”

Before going into coaching, Andrea was working at a corporate job that left her feeling drained every day, while undergoing her own struggles as a new mom. One behavior that took her by surprise was how often she was yelling at and reacting to her small child. Seeking a more compassionate approach to parenting, she began exploring ways to regain control. It led her to learn about energy healing and how it helps diffuse triggers. She realized that yelling and responding negatively was of her own choosing, and she didn’t have to react so harshly. She learned that we all have an inner energy source we can tap into that can help us become better versions of ourselves. She uses these techniques in her coaching, which helps her clients enhance their sense of confidence and look towards the future with optimism and hope.

“By helping my clients reduce painful triggers and understand where their triggers come from, they will begin to feel more at ease, more purposeful, and live more intentionally in amazing ways they never thought possible.”

The key is to let go of the disempowering thoughts, release the suppressed emotions, then call in the energy we want to feel instead. Once we feel the energy within our body, we can direct it out toward the goals we have in mind.

“It’s about consciously looking at our energy and choosing what we want to feel.”

Andrea says life starts with energy and the energy we embody because that is what creates our reality.

One of her favorite quotes is, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” because it’s easier to change ourselves than convince someone else to change.

“My hope is for people to embody that which they want to be in their everyday lives. To break free from disempowering patterns that rob us of our true happiness.”

In fact, she says, change starts with every single one of us. For instance, if we wish to be treated equally embody that. If we desire a more compassionate world, personify compassion and spread it throughout the world truthfully and passionately. Awaken your purpose, live by your core principles.

“Let’s all stop fighting and start embodying.”

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