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Overcome Adversity Through a Lifelong Quest for Success and Happiness with the New Book Rags to Riches to the Real Me

Rags to Riches to the Real Me Book Cover

Rags to Riches to the Real Me

Heather Walton

Heather Walton

Follow Heather Walton's 21 simple step-by-step exercises to rewrite a story with a happy ending and recreate a life of thriving not just surviving.

There is nothing more empowering than to look back on the struggles or trauma and know that it didn't define you; they simply gave you a few scars that made you into the strong person you can become.”
— Heather Walton
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2022 / -- There is a point in life where people may pause to ask themselves how they got there. That life is not panning out as planned - or have you even ever made a plan? It seems impossible to find any purpose in life. Then, as they try to get off the rollercoaster or treadmill that seems to have become their life, they fail.

Lack of money, responsibilities with children, and judgment from friends and family are just a few excuses that may get in the way to avoid change. Thinking things will eventually get better sends people back to square one, back on the treadmill where they start trudging through life again. Sadly, this is not living or enjoying life; it's simply surviving.

Every time someone hits rock bottom, they might recognize that they are, again, in that familiar hole they've dug for themselves. They wish to have the strength to step off the treadmill of survival and onto a sparkling new road to follow that leads to far more happiness - the happiness one deserves. But, most people still feel defeated, destined to go through these constant ups and downs, continuing to bury past and present dark secrets, hiding from everyone so as not to be judged. Potentially, these hidden secrets are too painful or scary to address, and it is best to forget about them. One may have attempted to face the pain, failed, and now believes that there must be something wrong with them. However, everyone deserves happiness, forgiveness, love, and compassion. Healing is possible.

In the book Rags to Riches to the Real Me, Heather Walton shows readers that they can start over at any age and heal their life. They can rewrite their story with a happy ending. By following the 21 simple step-by-step exercises and making a daily ritual to recreate a life worth living, readers can become someone that they can be proud of and have the self worth they so desperately need.

Heather Walton is a self-taught expert at jumping on and off treadmills and rising from adversity. Throughout her life, she faced poverty, abuse in many forms, lack of education, struggled being a solo mum, and bankruptcy to name just a few hurdles she overcame. Throughout all of these struggles, she didn't just survive, she thrived. Walton's life mission was to change her narrative, and she was incredibly determined to write it on her own and make it a magnificent story of success. However, her drive to change the course of her life was also motivated by her drive to help others who had gone through or are going through struggles to do the same and live the life we all want and deserve. A life with a clear plan and set of intentions.

Settle in to hear Walton's story and how she changed her life from a life of rags to a life of riches in every sense of the word: financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Her uplifting and inspiring life story will show readers that thriving and living the best life is possible.

About Heather Walton:
When you meet Heather Walton, it’s easy to think she has always been a successful woman who radiates confidence, charm, and wit. Her confidence and assertiveness cause people to often describe her as “a little intimidating” because of her striking looks and the way she commands attention when she walks into a room. But Heather’s life story will both surprise you and inspire you.

Heather grew up with a nagging feeling that she didn’t belong—surely life had something better to offer! From an early age, she began a crusade to improve her life and create her own wealth. She was a farm kid starting from nothing, with no chance of a college education, and was on her own. The knocks along the way seemed to motivate her to rise from the ashes over and over. Heather became resilient. Each time life beat her down, she rose a little stronger.

Despite all the negatives and hardships along the way, Heather remains a positive person and sees every hurdle as an opportunity for self-improvement, not just for her personal development but for others’ as well. Heather hopes that by reading her story, others won’t have to go through what she did to create personal health, wealth, happiness, and overall well being.

Heather’s life has been a dramatic journey. But before Heather was an award-winning real estate agent, she was a struggling single working Mom, and Heather’s story reveals secrets known only to a few people—one of them being her teenage son, “James.” He gave his Mum permission to write this remarkable story. Heather has deep empathy and concern for women who have experienced abuse or trauma—so many women experience it but are scared to share their stories because of the shame attached to victims of abuse.

One of the most refreshing things about Heather? She hasn’t finished yet. She believes we are always learning until the day we take our last breath, and she’s still writing her life story. No one is perfect, but we can have empathy for and humility toward others and challenge ourselves daily to be better people. Heather is excited about the future and can’t wait to write her next book. Her vulnerability in sharing this story is brave. Her grit and determination show the world that you can succeed no matter what start you are given in life.

Heather Walton
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