Advocacy Groups Coming Together for Fentanyl Awareness Event

"We leave the light on"

Set Free Battle of the Boards

Set Free Prevention Event

All Hand on Deck to Warn the Public about the Dangers of Fentanyl

An "All hands on Deck" approach and community event to provide accurate information about the dangers of illicit fentanyl and the ever-changing drug landscape in today's world.”
— Anthony Beltran
ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, U.S., September 18, 2022 / -- SET FREE
Event: Battle of the Boards
Date: September 24th
Time: 1 pm to 4 pm
Location: Fullerton Skatepark, 801 W. Valencia Dr., Fullerton CA

Educating youth and bringing prevention to the community!

Illicit fentanyl is prevalent in every state and community. In-person prevention and support are essential to reaching and informing young people about the ever-changing drug landscape that can affect any family at any time. We seek to educate kids. The clinical standpoint can often lead to zoning out. Testimonies directly from those affected work, and youth can begin to understand and become engaged. This skate event on September 24th is being held to reach our most vulnerable population and uncover the silence of how illicit fentanyl can affect anyone. An "All hands on Deck" approach and community event to provide accurate information about the dangers of illicit fentanyl and the ever-changing drug landscape in today's world.

Join us at The Battle of the Boards, a special event for the whole family. Battle of the Boards is a gathering to engage, empower, and educate youth about prevention. This unique prevention day brings together the unsuspecting and the families affected, people in recovery, and those facing the struggle of addiction.

Special guest speakers include Phil "The Chief" Aguilar, founder of Set Free Worldwide Church, Hope Dealer Fausto Castellanos, Mike Fiore, founder Of Inspire 2 Inspire, and Andrea Thomas, Co-founder of Voices for Awareness Facing Fentanyl, and many others that are sharing lived experience.
Come watch or participate!

· Live DJ
· KLOXXADO® Nasal Spray and prevention education
· Trick board Contest Prize
· Swag Giveaways

Prevention is about stopping it before it starts. Let's face and defeat fentanyl deaths together. Educating through lived experience works. Please don't wait until it's too late to start a conversation about drug prevention and awareness with your teen. If you don't know how to start that conversation, meet someone who came back from addiction and allow them to tell you what could have prevented taking the road they had to fight their way back from.

Special guests include Pastor Phil "The Chief" Aguilar, who started Set Free Worldwide Ministries for those affected by addiction and are considered "outcasts" or "Black Sheep" by other churches or society. "The Chief" has spent over 40 years getting people sober and off the streets. Phil teaches from experience, working with thousands of people in treatment centers and world-renowned churches. Pastor Phil is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and shows it in his walk every day. He will always leave the light on and leave the 99 for the one.

The Magic House began in Anaheim, California, in 1982 and is the headquarters for a worldwide movement spreading the love of Jesus Chris. What started as a singular Set Free Church has now grown worldwide and has branched into multiple churches, detox ranches, discipleship programs, and even our theological seminary, appropriately named Set Free University.

Magic House's home base is right here in Anaheim, California, where we run a true discipleship home welcoming, feeding, and housing anyone, with a desire to get sober and for a new life in Christ, regardless of age, sex, background, or ability to pay. We meet them right where they're at with the love of Jesus, teaching God's word in love and giving them the building blocks for a new life.

This event honors Mikey Villanueva, who is one of our own lost to this drug. All lives matter, and to ensure Mikey's death was not in vain, we are warning others and assisting in saving lives in Mikey's name.

Anthony Beltran
Set Free Magic House
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