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A Quick Article on How AIDECAST Can Manage Your Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Services For a Piece of Mind

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Here's Ten Reasons Why Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management Services is a Great Choice For Older Adults Living Alone and In Need of Caregiving Services.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2022 / -- As an established Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management Provider, the experts at AIDECAST are always amazed at how many families struggle to balance the care of their elderly loved ones and their own private lives or careers, simply because they are unaware of the benefits of having private pay non-medical home care services in place. Quite often we find that families often either completely unaware of Private Pay Non-Medical Services or are aware that the services exist, but assume the services are simply too expensive.

So we decided to write this article to share some of the benefits of paying out of pocket for non-medical home care service management, as well as who these services are best for, and the risks of NOT having proper caregiving services in place for your elderly loved ones.

Let's begin with what Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management Services and who these services are ideal for. Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management Services are in-home care usually provided by a Certified Home Home Health Aide, but can also be provided by an experienced Non-Certified Caregiver. The differences between the two are that Certified Home Health Aides are trained by a state approved home care training school and usually provide care for patients through a Medicaid Funded Home Care Agency, whereas, Non-Certified Caregivers are individuals that may have many years of experience providing care to patients that hired them directly as private pay caregivers. Some caregivers also go on to take training to gain or enhance their skills like the Dementia & Caregiving Essential Online Training Courses available on the AIDECAST platform.

Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management Services is available for clients that do not qualify for Medicaid and need assistance in the home with tasks related to housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care, medication reminder, scheduling and accompanying to medical appointments, laundry, companionship and so much more.

Older adults that do not qualify for Medicaid due to having too much assets are unable to receive home care services through a Medicaid Funded Home Care Agency, but they still are in need of caregiving services to help them remain safe and healthy in their own homes. Having an elderly or disabled parent that lives alone is extremely stressful and can be a burden on anyone trying to balance caregiving for a loved one and their own personal lives and careers. And if you are the caregiver for your loved one, then you already know how difficult caregiving can be. The good news is that there are agencies available and ready to help you with your caregiving needs.

Here are 10 great reasons for having Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management Services.

1. When you sign-up with a Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management Service Provider, the agency will handle everything from recruiting and screening caregivers to find the ideal caregiver that possesses the necessary skills and experience to care for you or your loved ones. Agencies will manage scheduling the caregivers and finding replacements if your caregiver is unable to continue working, calls out sick last minute, or needs time for personal or vacation reasons, including major holidays.

2. The cost for Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Services is significantly less than the average cost of a nursing home.

3. Expenses for Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management and Caregiving Services are Tax Deductible.

4. Caregivers are perfect companions for elderly experiencing loneliness or depression.

5. Private Pay Caregivers can help with housekeeping, laundry, organizing the home, meal preparation, running errands, scheduling medical appointments, accompanying a client to medical appointments, medication reminders, and personal care such as grooming and baths.

6. Unlike Medicaid Funded Home Care Agencies, clients receiving Private Pay Care can decide what is most important for their care and tailor the services to their specific needs.

7. Unlike Medicaid Funded Home Care Agencies where Home Health Aides at usually capped at 40 hours per week to avoid having to pay overtime rates to the aides, Private Pay Clients can have a single Caregiver the entire week for any number of hours if the caregiver is available and agrees. (However, expect to pay higher rates for overtime hours if hiring a single caregiver for the entire week.)

8. Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management Services Providers are known for quality care and attention to customer satisfaction and retention since they usually manage a smaller pool of clients in comparison to Medicaid Funded Home Care Agencies.

9. Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care agencies like AIDECAST tend to attract top tier caregivers that are experienced, compassionate and capable of providing a wonderful caregiving experience to clients. This is achieved through individual recruitment, screening, and interviewing processed we conduct on every caregiver that registers with our agency and is considered for any of our clients. In addition, thanks to our Marketplace, we are able to identify caregivers by locations where they reside, skills they possess, and experience in caring for clients with a long list of medical conditions they must select from when competing the registration process on our marketplace. The registration process Caregivers must complete when joining the AIDECAST Marketplace allows us to find the absolute best matches for all of our clients.

10. Payroll and Taxes. Most caregivers want to pay their taxes on wages they earned caring for their clients. Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management Service Providers like AIDECAST can manage payroll and taxes for your caregivers. This ensures your caregivers get paid on time and are able to receive necessary tax documents at the end of the year for tax filing purposes.

And there you have it, 10 reasons why having Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Management Services is beneficial for clients and families in need of caregiving services.

For New York City residents in need of Private Pay Non-Medical Home Care Services, please contact AIDECAST today.

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