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Techradar's Huge overclocks on Intel’s new consumer CPU the same week as Raptoreum are pushing out their new release

Competition between Intel, AMD, Nvidia heats up for Raptoreum Mining

Competition between Intel, AMD, Nvidia heats up for Raptoreum Mining

Intel's upcoming Raptor Lake CPU has shown excellent clocking capabilities

Raptoreum's release image for their recent Mainnet 420420 Futures Code

Raptoreum Releases Mainnet 420420 Futures Code

There's a clue in the codename, “Raptor-Lake!” Clock speeds up to 6.5 Ghz on main cores and 4.4 Ghz on efficiency cores. Is Intel back for Raptoreum mining?

Raptoreum (RTM:RTM)

ENGLAND, UK, September 13, 2022 / -- Techradar dropping crazy overclocks on Intel’s flagship consumer CPU the same week as Raptoreum pushed out a new release is just too much of a coincidence to be one.

The codename for this CPU series says it all, “Raptor-Lake” With clock speeds as high as 6.5 Ghz on main cores and 4.4 Ghz on efficiency cores, Intel are potentially back as a contender for Raptoreum mining. Check out further details in the Techradar article.

Why does a relatively obscure crypto currency matter?

Competition between chip manufacturers is getting tighter and tighter, AMD are currently leading the pack with their next gen CPUs and GPUs, NVIDIA have seen a significant slump since the end of 2021 some of which FXEmpire’s Gerelyn Terzo and several other industry analysts lay the blame squarely with Raptoreum with their GhostRider algorithm having been attributed as a major driving factor in the success of AMD’s Ryzen and Threadripper CPU series.

Not only financial analysts agree but coverage from a lot of the top tech sites such as 3dguru hothardware Vicadia agree that Raptoreum have been a major driver in the overall success of AMD’s Ryzen and Threadripper CPU series. Coming back to Intel, with their re-entrance into the GPU market as well as the release of SDKs (software development kits) that will facilitate mining on new Intel GPUs have to offer a full range of product to gain market share for their considerable foundry capacity.

Intel are looking to re-enter the GPU market alongside the other current GPU manufacturers, them being able to offer a credible CPU mining as well as GPU options are beneficial as it sets them apart from NVIDIA who are currently only manufacturing GPUs.

There are doubts if they will be able to raise the bar high enough to take on AMD and their clear leadership position in the market. However we also feel that this is a somewhat desperate play from Intel’s side to stave off NVIDIA’s potential inroad into their CPU market with their coming ARM based processors, rather than a direct attempt to move into real competition with AMD.

What is this crypto currency causing all the fuss and batting out of its own league?

Raptoreum is a cpu-mining proof of work crypto currency which has been surrounded by a lot of controversy concerning their impact on the CPU markets as well as having been targeted by hackers of some of the most powerful servers on the internet.

Both Tom’s Hardware and Ownsnap covered quite extensively how hackers making use of the LOGj4 exploit hijacked some of the most powerful machines out there and used them to mine Raptoreum.

Cpu Mining offers a solid middle ground in the whole proof of work vs proof of stake debate raging in the crypto space in light of the upcoming Ethereum merge. Sure, it uses power but not on the same scale as ASIC or massive GPU farms do. Examples from their Discord of successful miners being everything from Chilean teenagers with a few solar panels and some otherwise obsolete servers to internet café owners running CPUs during their down time to people renting Google compute centres.

This is a lot more egalitarian and sets a much lower bar for entry into meaningful participation than most other proof of work crypto currencies do. This has enabled them to build one of the most diverse and active communities in the crypto space.

Their no-nonsense and plenty of rope to hang yourself with approach to community management has allowed them to thrive as a community as opposed to how many of the other communities have been severely curtailed in their levels of activity since the market downturn. They may be rowdy but they are there and active.

Raptoreum are unique in both their proof of work algorithm as well as their overall structure which combines elements from Bitcoin, Dash and Komodo with versatile VM tech from Apache Spark. Their new release is the first major step of delivering on their features and incentivizing network nodes based on on-chain activity.

They are innovating at the protocol level, which is extremely rare in the crypto space today. Hopefully we will see them continue to help drive innovation in the CPU space as the current Intel and ARM offerings are in need of a major boost.

What does this mean for those of us who mainly want a high end CPU for quality gaming?

A few things really, projects like Raptoreum will help fuel the drive for more innovation like the overall crypto space did for AMD with them launching 7nm chips well ahead of the competition, that will benefit us with better CPUs coming to market faster to maintain an edge in efficiency.

Furthermore, it opens up the space of crypto mining to us for very moderate investments, say a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars for a slightly better CPU and cooler for the home PC. This certainly isn’t at the get rich level, it is however one way of keeping up to date on the very latest hardware for your home system without it costing you more than an average system.

On top of that, Raptoreum have an incentive structure for running collateralized nodes so earnings from mining can be put to work earning passive income via services like

Overall, we believe that Raptoreum is a project to watch and they still seem to have a significantly higher than usual level of impact on both hardware markets and in pushing innovation in the crypto sphere.

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