SenSights.AI Launches its Deviceless End-to-End Remote Monitoring and Infection Prevention solutions

Safe2Work Infection Prevention

VIP & End to End SenSightsRPM

Health & Tech Summit, 247 Health Club

On September 8, 2022 SenSights.AI, a health informatics company, has launched its Deviceless SenSightsRPM & Infection Prevention Safe2Work Monitoring Solutions

Our vision is to use the latest digital and technology trends to improve the lives of older adults and members, productivity within businesses, reduce expenses and avoid risk”
— Nauman Jaffar, founder of SenSights.AI

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , September 12, 2022 / -- With COVID-19 and monkeypox spiking cases again in CALIFORNIA and US, the question of health and wellness especially for older adults remains top of mind. To better embrace the healthcare landscape with its new trends and technological innovations, 247 Health Club in collaboration with SenSights.AI, Veyetals, AXIA Tel, Voice of Evidence LLC and other partners have organized a first of its kind Health & Tech Summit. The 1-day interactive event hosted health and fitness professionals, medical entrepreneurs, inspiring speakers, health, fitness and tech industry experts and decision makers. The companies could demonstrate their latest apps, products, devices, encrypted smartphones and wearable smart clothing.

SenSights.AI could also demonstrate its state-of-the-art Safe2Work & Deviceless End-to-End SenSightsRPM Monitoring Solutions. To facilitate the return to worksite process and enhance health safety measures, SenSights.AI has launched a Safe2Work health intelligent solution to monitor the health and wellness of employees which should be top priority in the coming flu season. The Safe2Work app is safe, secure, reliable and easy to use with questionnaire and non-invasive contactless & deviceless camera screening and can also be bundled with FDA approved devices. The infection risk assessment provides employers with valuable daily insights and helps to early detect symptoms of a disease like Flu, COVID-19, etc., like reduction in oxygen level, increase in heart rate etc. The AI-powered technology helps to prevent and reduce the spread of infection amongst co-workers and customers. If any symptoms are detected, the app sends an automatic notification to an employer and helps employees to connect easily with doctors online for detailed assessment. The Safe2Work is an affordable monitoring solution allowing companies to early detect the health issues of its employees and decrease their overall spend. The pre-screening is particularly important for healthcare professionals working in hospitals, nursing homes, senior care facilities. Cross referencing what floor the sick employee worked on could help with targeted testing of his co-workers.

SenSightsRPM is another complete and deviceless innovative solution launched by SenSights.AI. This Remote Patient Monitoring Platform specifically targets the vulnerable population, particularly citizens with chronic conditions. It helps clinicians to remotely monitor patients’ health and vital signs without wearables in a non-intrusive way via a facial or finger scan on any device. Like Safe2Work Solution, SenSightsRPM measures Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Heart Variability, Oxygen Saturation and Stress Level of its patients contactlessly via a smartphone camera or an FDA approved device. By creating the circle of care with doctors, nurses and family, patients can stay connected with their caregivers and loved ones who will be immediately notified in case of health irregularities of the patient. The platform is also integrated with 16+ FDA approved devices and wearables plus EMR and EHR systems like Cerner. Besides the remote monitoring platform, SenSights.AI provides nurse, onboarding, billing and tech support to relieve the burden on doctors. Daily monitoring of the patients is performed by US certified experienced Registered Nurses (RNs) to help doctors concentrate their efforts on most critical patients and increase care capacity. All the data collected during the month is available through the platform in terms of insights and reports for easy billing. Our billers with 15 years of experience in Medical billing will make RPM, CCM, PCM, RTM codes billing effortless and easy. Being a part of SenSightsRPM Membership would result in increased revenue for the doctors and improved patient compliance as well as improved staff utilization, reduced patient readmissions and staff burnout making the work of healthcare facilities more efficient.

“Our vision is to use the latest digital and technology trends to improve the lives of older adults and members, productivity within businesses, reduce expenses and avoid risk” - says Nauman Jaffar, founder of SenSights.AI.

SenSightsRPM solution is also included in Wellness packages provided by 247 Health Club, the organizer of the event. 247 Health Club provides a comprehensive approach to health and wellness with access to fitness trainers, dieticians, physicians and motivational speakers. Read more.

The main goal of Health & Tech Summit and 247 Health Club is to “empower the community with powerful tools, technology and information so they feel empowered to take control of their health and make better informed decisions when it comes to their overall well-being and quality of life”, - says Abigail Aboitiz, Founder of 247 Health Solutions.

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