The 2022 Manila International Book Fair Presents Donald B. Armstrong's Powerfully Insightful American Political Novel

A candid and intimate account of the African people’s journey in America back in the 1600s will be at the 2022 Manila International Book Fair

"The Journey" should be a part of every high school, community, college, and university library's American History collections in general, and African American Studies curriculums in particular.”
— The Midwest Book Review

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, September 9, 2022 / -- The Journey: From Shackles and Chains to the White House is not just about leaving a legacy for author Donald B. Armstrong. In this book, Armstrong sheds some light on the prevailing racial discrimination against African minorities. Bringing his work to the 2022 Manila International Book Fair this coming September 15–18, 2022 serves as a stepping stone to letting people from across the globe know about the journey and struggles of the kidnapped Africans in America from the early 1600s.

This eye-opening work is the product of Armstrong’s pursuit to share the black community’s experiences back in the days up until now. Immerse yourself in this insightful read, available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

"From the journey endured by kidnapped Africans to what their offspring are still enduring today, this work highlights factual occurrences that are not found in the history books of America’s grade schools. Kids are growing up with no education about their ancestors’ plight, and some children are raised without knowledge of the actions their ancestors played. Hopefully, readers will gain knowledge that will change their outlook toward other races." 
—Excerpt from The Journey: From Shackles and Chains to the White House by Donald B. Armstrong

The Journey: From Shackles and Chains to the White House
Written by: Donald B. Armstrong
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