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Energy Tax Credits from Inflation Reduction Act Chart

Energy Tax Credits from Inflation Reduction Act Chart

The Inflation Reduction Act includes substantial tax incentives for ENERGY STAR certified buildings inspected and certified by highly trained HERS* raters.

The series of classes that have been offered are superior to any I have attended prior in my career. You are a dominant force of information and delivery!”
— Janet Smalter LEED AP | Plans Examiner, City of Lawrence, KS
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 13, 2022 / -- The Inflation Reduction Act or IRA is expected to expand many career opportunities in the fields of energy efficiency, clean energy, electric vehicles, heat pump appliances and more. Greatly increased tax incentives will be available for buildings that are qualified for ENERGY STAR certification by a certified home energy rater or HERS* rater who has passed the latest ENERGY STAR training. The EnergySmart Institute offers the latest EPA and RESNET* approved online on-demand ENERGY STAR courses for residences and multifamily buildings

How lucrative are the tax incentives for buildings that qualify for ENERGY STAR certification? The tax incentives are in tiers that pay considerably more if the workers on the building project are paid prevailing wage. In fact, if you were to build the most efficient apartment complex that meets the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (DOE ZERH) program and also pay your workers the prevailing wage you would get $5,000 per apartment unit in tax incentives. A 20 unit apartment complex that met the DOE ZERH requirements and built using prevailing wage workers would get a $100,000 tax incentive! (20 X $5,000 = $100,000) A handy chart listing the building types and tax incentive amounts is attached along with information explaining this chart.

Note that in order to get a building certified as ENERGY STAR and to obtain the appropriate tax incentive you need to enlist the help of a certified home energy rater, not an energy auditor. There is some confusion as to the difference between an energy auditor and an energy rater so here is an article that can help clear this up.

*HERS - Home Energy Rating Systems
*RESNET - Residential Energy Services Network

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