SCCG Enters into Strategic Advisory Agreement with Micro Betting Platform Score No Score

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SCCG / SCORE NO SCORE announcement logo

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LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, September 6, 2022 / -- SCCG Management is excited to announce a partnership with the competitive micro-betting platform, Score No Score. SCCG will provide, business development and advisory services to grow the company within the North American sports wagering markets.

Score No Score is an innovative way to enhance the game watching experience for fans of all interest levels. Users bet tokens on micro-bets such as, will there be a run scored in a given inning, or whether a football drive will result in points. Players swipe left or right (betting tokens) when the outcome is in doubt and then have the option to double their bet one time during the current drive or half inning. In essence, the "odds" are created real time exclusively by the players in the game. The goal is to add more gratification to the gaming watching experience as players try to out predict each other on the outcome of the next scoring opportunity.

Anna Nelson, Founder of Score No Score said, “We are very pleased to be working with the top consulting group in the gaming industry. We met with SCCG in the early stages of developing the app and we are thrilled to take the next step. I would not consider myself a huge sports fan but my family loves sports - watching games with my husband became so much more enjoyable when we made side bets on whether a team will score on a given inning or drive. I was inspired to share this newfound love for watching sports with the world and we are very excited to have SCCG guide us into the market.”

Founder and CEO of SCCG Management, Stephen Crystal said of the partnership, “As sports betting expands across North America, we look for systems and technologies that satisfy the growing demand for micro betting platforms. We are excited to join forces with Score No Score and bring an alternative way to enhance the watching experience for sports fans everywhere.”


Score No Score is a gaming app where users compete using simple in-play micro bets while watching a game. The goal is to add more gratification to the watching experience as players try and out predict each other on the outcome of the next scoring opportunity.


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SCCG Management celebrates 2022 as its 30th Anniversary of leadership and innovation for the gaming industry.


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