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Canada Endy Mattress Vs Pocket Coil For Support | Comparison Report Released

Endy Mattress Review Canada: Is Endy better than a pocket coil mattress?

Endy Mattress Review Canada Endy Mattresses vs Pocket coil mattresses

Endy Mattress is a hot seller, but is it really the best Mattress you can buy? Does Endy Mattress offer longer life than pocket coil alternatives?

A good Pocket Coil Mattress is a better alternative to the Endy Mattress”
— Gerian Sloetjes
HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 4, 2022 / -- Hamilton, Ontario-based mattress retailer Direct Bed (+1-905-594-1247) has released a new report focusing on the Endy Mattress, reviewing the nationally popular product in terms of its quality in comparison to other mattress types.

As one of Canada’s foremost mattress selections among consumers, the Endy Mattress is now assessed by Direct Bed for its qualities and suitability compared to alternative mattress types. Specifically, its new report compares the Endy Mattress to pocket-coil mattress varieties in terms of long-term durability and user preference.

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According to the newly released report, the Endy Mattress has built a national reputation as a popular mattress choice due to the convenience it continues to bring to shopping. The expert states that the Endy Mattress simplifies mattress browsing by providing Canadians with a singular selection. The goal of the report, then, is to explore whether the Endy Mattress is the highest quality option as well as the most popular.

Direct Bed’s report does this by evaluating the Endy Mattress in two main criteria - back support and pressure relief. The company sees these as the two most important aspects of any mattress.

As explained by the report, the Endy Mattress utilizes a base foam layer for support. Yet, Direct Bed points out that such a base tends to degrade over the long run, resulting in a reduction in comfort. In contrast, the company says that Canadian pocket-foil mattresses offer a longer-lasting base - contributing to a more reliable source of support and comfort.

In order to achieve superior support, Direct Bed suggests that the Endy Mattress will eventually adopt a pocket-coil design. By doing this, the company believes that Endy can provide its customers with greater durability, and in turn, improve their overall satisfaction.

As written in the new report: “We are noticing a surge of customers looking to switch away from Douglas & Endy mattresses after two to three years. Customers state that they are wearing out prematurely. It is our prediction that Endy will switch to a pocket coil support in order to maintain customer satisfaction.”

Further to the added durability of pocket-coil mattresses, the report also claims that such varieties offer superior pressure relief. It advises that customers looking for relief should invest in pocket-coil mattress types - including, as Direct Bed foresees, future editions of the Endy Mattress.

Via its official website, Direct Bed offers Canada-wide shipping of mattresses suited to user needs - spanning king and queen-sized varieties and RV-suited mattresses.

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Endy Mattress Review Canada vs Pocket Coil Mattress