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Dear Franklin, A Novel

Jake Ryan


Readers will find comfort and humor in Hannah’s always-entertaining diary entries, along with the reminder that they are never alone in their big feelings.”
— Middle-Grade Author Laura Anne Bird
NEW YORK, NY, US, September 21, 2022 / -- Jake Ryan has a thriving Life Coaching business and imparts much of his wisdom on TikTok as @FreeJakeRyan, where he has more than 60,000 followers. As it turns out, however, some of his most salient life lessons revolve around an event that threatened his very own life.

He has used that experience as the basis of his newly released fiction book targeted primarily at middle-graders entitled DEAR FRANKLIN, in which 11-year-old Hannah Brody tries to understand and come to terms with her father’s emergency open-heart surgery. Funny, richly textured, and moving, Ryan’s story, based on what happened to him after collapsing at his gym and written in the voice of Hannah, is one of resilience in the face of near tragedy, an inspiring tale for middle-graders and others on how to cope when confronted with life's unexpected twists and turns.

When Hannah’s dad undergoes emergency surgery, it's pretty much the worst thing that's ever happened to her. In response, she turns to a long-unopened diary that becomes the outlet for her deepest fears and darkest secrets. To her surprise, she finds that not only is she not alone, but that support can come from the most unexpected places.

The book is written in diary format, which gets readers deep inside the head and heart of its young protagonist and whose tone and thoughts are marvelously captured by the author, a middle-age adult male.

While Ryan said his motivation was to help men (or parents in general) deal with the aftereffects of major surgery in their families and themselves, it is as much a story for children trying to sort through fact and fiction, changing behavior in their parents, and learning to understand the trials and tribulations of growing up at this delicate stage of life.

In DEAR FRANKLIN, Jake Ryan has delivered a valuable story for children and grownups alike in how to cope with a difficult life event that nobody can truly prepare you for. He does it by creating a character, based on his real-life experience, to which people can relate, sympathize with, and learn from.

Says Frances Schoonmaker, an award-winning author, "Hannah B’s daily journal tells us how she tries to make sense of a world that seems to be falling apart—her best friend moved, she’s assigned to do a school project with a boy she can’t stand, and nobody will give her straight answers when her father collapses at the gym. Ryan goes beyond looking at the usual challenges of being a kid who doesn’t quite fit in at school to educate about recovery from major heart surgery, leaving the reader with a satisfying ending."

“Readers will find comfort and humor in Hannah’s always-entertaining diary entries, along with the reminder that they are never alone in their big feelings,” adds middle-grade author Laura Anne Bird.

DEAR FRANKLIN is available on popular retail outlets where books are sold.

Jake Ryan is in top-flight physical condition. Seriously, dude is ripped. Especially considering he “recently” had massive open-heart surgery. Currently, he resides all over the world (online), but sleeps most nights in New York City, where he has a thriving Life Coaching business and two amazing teenaged kids -- both of whom, the teens that is, he loves with all the might of his bionic heart.

He can be found crushing it on TikTok as @FreeJakeRyan, creating content that enlightens, inspires, and entertains a billion people a day, potentially. While this is his debut novel, he writes a very popular daily newsletter, The Fire Wave Manifesto -- yet claims to merely edit it, as the writings are direct downloads from the universe. Jake takes his work, though not himself, very seriously.

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