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The Adventures of Chew Chew and Chipper Too! by Author Barry Jarreau

Come October 1st at 3 pm to his book signing, know more about Barry Jarreau and his new book

SLIDELL, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES , August 31, 2022 / -- Barry has always had a deep love for animals, as a child in his mind animals could understand him and he could understand them and still do.

Barry once had a pet opossum, he named it Henrietta; then he found out she was a he! Henery worked good. He lives on a sailboat down the coast of Louisiana. Barry can tell you it is not as glamorous as it sounds. There is just as much work to be done.

Barry started writing when he had Chew Chew and Chipper Dog. In the animal world, the higher they sit, the more prominent they are.
Well, it was sent long before the dog climbed up on my shoulder then the two started to fight. So that is how he came up with the idea to write a book where they are the best of friends.

Our story begins on the Atlantic coast. There are two of my best friends who live in a big house. Chipper fancies himself an inventor. He comes up with some pretty cool things.

In this story, they are all excited because they are getting ready to go on a big vacation down to the bayous of Louisiana. You'll have fun finding the Raccoon; he is hiding in most of the art. Chew chew and Chippers get to taste all kinds of Cajun food and learn their customs and all about their life on the bayou. We're going to go on a swamp tour and see all types of creatures that live in the swamps of Louisiana. Then we are going on a Redfish fishing trip. There are all kinds of wonderful things to see. By the time you get through this story, you're going to have to get a snack. Don't forget to look for other Chew Chew and Chipper Adventure stories coming soon. Let's find out what we can find on our adventure! Who knows, we may even run into that old Raccoon!

Barry was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and lived there until 1979, when he joined the U.S Coast Guard. This is where he got hooked on the ocean and boats. Barry owes his wild imagination to his father.
Barry now lives on the Louisiana coast on a sailboat. He sails, writes, and enjoys painting the local wildlife. Barry has a little dog named boy, but he calls him by his french name, Garcon. They go everywhere together. He rides upon the bow of my small boat and we go back in the Bayous and fish, paint, and watch out for gators.

Barry is scheduled for a book signing at East Baton Rouge parish library, the main branch on October the 1st at 3:00 p.m. Join the author at this venue and learn more about him.

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