Once I made E-6, I went through more training and transferred to Iowa as the sole Station Commander and retired from the Army in 2016 as a Sergeant First Class.”
— Will Harris
MCKINNEY, TEXAS, USA, August 31, 2022 / -- Will Harris is a deeply intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, proactive, and passionate Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams in McKinney, Texas. He is also a United States Army Veteran.

Will was born in Nebraska City, Nebraska. He was home-schooled and later enrolled at Nebraska Southeast Community College and studied Automotive Technology. He says, “I learned a lot there, but I felt my real calling was to be in the Army. As a kid, I lived in a rural town. I loved all the old WWII and Vietnam movies and I really enjoyed being outdoors. I was always very adventurous, so I knew that being in the Army might lead me to adventures that I wouldn’t have been able to have in a small town, such as the one I grew up in.”

Will went to Basic Training at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, which was also his first Duty Station, and he was a member of a field artillery battalion. His career training included learning the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MCRS) and Tank Base Instruction, which included crew station duties, tank maintenance, unit gunnery management, bore sighting, armor accuracy checks, plumb, and synchronization, tank ammunition and weapons, screening, and tank gunnery.
Will was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the Army’s Funeral Detail Team. He explains, “It was a very emotionally grueling experience for me, and I still get depressed when I think about it or talk about it. Many young people were coming back from the Invasion of Iraq war, which was heartbreaking. I often had to carry the caskets to their graves, which was devastating for everyone involved. The idea of being in the Military is often in stark contrast to the reality of the war and seeing so many young lives gone too soon really shook me to the core.”

Since Sergeant Harris had graduated from college, he entered the Army as an E-2 and was continuously promoted to E-3, E-4, E-5, and E-6 and then transferred to Ft. Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina, as he had been selected to become an Army Recruiter, where the process includes the recruiting, medical and psychological examination, induction, and administrative processing of potential service personnel.

Will says, “I got to see the entire gamut of people who wanted to serve our country and it’s not quite like people want to imagine, as there were many who saw it as an alternative to going to jail or prison, so their heart wasn’t in it. Some would even spit in my face just to show their disdain and disrespect, hoping to not have to enlist, but claiming to have at least attempted. Then there were the true, honest sincere young men and women who were truly committed to serving our country with honor. Those were the type of people that I was excited about recruiting. I also worked with school officials and community influencers, so it was an emotionally challenging job, especially when so many individuals had different perspectives and opinions about young people being recruited by the Army to become well-trained soldiers who might not make it home from the war.”

Will often worked from 8:AM to 8:AM the next morning, as he had to drive the potential recruits for their tests and physical exams which was a 2-and-a-half-hour drive one-way drive and often a 4-hour drive if a special Doctor was required or requested. “I practically lived in my car for years, but it was a government job, and I had a nice government car, and a government phone.” He oversaw 37 high schools across 4 different counties and worked in Waxahachie, Arlington, and Dallas, Texas. He says, “Once I made E-6, I went through more training and transferred to Iowa as the sole Station Commander and retired from the Army in 2016 as a Sergeant First Class.”

Will earned two MBA Degrees online; A Master’s Degree in Human Resources and in Criminal Justice from Liberty University.

Will and his wife Anna own their own Real Estate Company within Keller Williams, known as “The Great Home Team.” He says, “I couldn’t ask for a better life partner and business partner than Anna. We complement each other perfectly. Anna has a background in Property Management and is a Certified Home Marketing Specialist who specializes in Home Staging and Luxury Properties. On top of that, we both have our Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certifications. I like to teach Veterans and Active-Duty Military members how to invest in Real Estate to build their wealth. Very few Realtors explain to them how investing in Real Estate and utilizing their VA loans, can set them up nicely for retirement, so I use my story to help them achieve that. My passion is to really help our Military members and their families because they deserve it and I can’t stand the thought of a non-Military Realtor leading them in another direction due to them not knowing anything about the Military or the VA loan, so I want to be the first one they call whether they want to buy or sell a home, or simply need someone to talk to. I will always be there for them.”

Will Harris was the Top Producing Real Estate Agent in 2022, and his team was #1 in their market in 2021. Will was featured in “D” Magazine, which is the premier magazine for the Dallas Metro Area.

Will was also the past President of the Plano Texas Rotary Club and is in his 4th year of being on the Board of Keller Williams Agency Leadership Council (ALC).

Aside from McKinney, Will, and Anna cover Allen, Aubrey, Celina, Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro, and all cities within Collin County.

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