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NFT Apparels' Minting as a Service launch, a gamechanger for Web3

Calling All NFT Artists

Calling All NFT Artists

NFT Apparel is an innovative start-up registered in Australia that has pushed its third product release for August live with Minting as a Service or MaaS.

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRAILIA, August 31, 2022 / -- NFT Apparel is an innovative start-up registered in Australia aiming to revolutionise the fashion and NFT space by integrating e-commerce on chain. Using some unique patented smart contracts, NFT Apparel is monetising NFTs through real-world merchandising.

NFT Apparel has worked on building logistical and manufacturing partnerships around the world. They offer a suite of web3 solutions based around NFT utility. Most recently, it has pushed its third product release for August live with Minting as a Service or MaaS.

MaaS is a zero code Minting dApp factory that enables any artist with a collection of artworks to deploy a mint even for their collection in a matter of minutes. The ecosystem handles the entire process of the NFT minting dApp deployment from Smart contract creation and deployment through to the individuals' web page and URL.

Artists with a collection simply upload the images through the MaaS application, which handles the IPFS upload. A custom, individual smart contract is deployed when the user has input their collection details and images. Next, a customisable front end or web page is generated for the mint, enabling the artists' fans to mint the NFTs from the collection.

We asked Ben Guihot of NFT Apparel how this differs from minting an NFT on one of their competitors' Marketplaces.

"Minting as a Service is completely different from simply minting an NFT on Opensea or one of our other competitors. This product enables any Artist to deploy a full minting dApp or mint event, which means they own the smart contract for their NFTs and can host a proper mint event from their own web page created by us.

We have effectively removed the need to hire developers to create a mint which has been the biggest blocker for artists entering the space for the last couple of years. Without any knowledge of code, any artist can have a web3 application for their NFT mint. We also import the collection to our Marketplace and provide marketing services to help their collections gain traction and hopefully succeed in selling out the mint."

The implications of the MaaS ecosystem are far deeper than simply removing the barriers to entry on NFT collection creation.
NFT Apparel has stated that their goal is to tie in Minting as a Service to their NFT Marketplace; this will enable any artist or creator the opportunity to create physical brands from their NFT collections in only minutes.

After deploying a collection through NFT Apparel, creators can create entire product ranges within the NFT Apparel ecosystem and push them live to the NFTA storefront. Once in the storefront, the artist can participate in the revenue share models on the platform. With the dual service offered by the NFT Apparel Ecosystem, all NFT artists and creators can produce instant utility for their collections by offering their collectors official merch straight out of the gate.

Not only is the MaaS ecosystem removing barriers to entry on Web 3, but when paired with the NFT Apparel ecosystem, it will remove barriers to entry into the e-commerce/merchandise world and provide all the tools required for any artist looking to start out in web 3 create a digital and physical brand behind their collection.

This new approach of providing utility to other NFT collections and solving the problem of developer requirements in Web3 truly is a game changer in the NFT and Crypto world. With the NFTA whitelist NFT Apparel is set to hold its first stage Public Seed Sale set to go live on the 15th of September and interest around the company in the VC space growing.

The tokens will be available for purchase on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC and Avalanche with Metis to be confirmed, and at last check, the Whitelist spots are already going fast. This project is certainly worth keeping an eye on in the lead-up to the token sale!

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