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The USS Crypto Pilot NFT Brings Happiness to Investors and Peace to the World

The USS Crypto Pilot NFT brings happiness to investors and peace to the world.

The true potential of this project is beyond anything we have seen to date

The Vast Self Charity Announced Today the Minting of its Limited Edition USS Crypto Pilot NFT on August 22, 2022. All Profits for Peace in the World.

We are convinced that this revolutionary scientific breakthrough experience in our Metaverse can end the Russian-Ukrain, the Israeli-Palestinian, and all other world conflicts in minutes.”
— Beata Balos

CHICAGO, IL, USA, August 26, 2022 / -- Vast Self Charity announced today the release of a limited-edition USS Crypto Pilot NFT.

The Universal Space Station Crypto Pilot NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTS residing on the Ethereum blockchain ERC-721. They were conceived by the charity with a promise to create two levels of Metaverse and Virtual Reality. On one level, it will be all about entertainment, passive income, P2E, interacting with friends, having parties, concerts, etc. On the second level, they will utilize groundbreaking science and logic to make users aware that their senses have been deceiving them their whole life. The human senses are hiding the truth of how closely related all humans are, and all other life forms too. This level of interaction reveals the incorrect perception of the human senses and explains the perfect solution to all personal and world problems and sufferings. This is a key opportunity to permanently end all human-made conflicts as wars will end in mere minutes and will be made unthinkable in the future. Although they have the knowledge and technology, the charity still needs funding to make this happen, thus they need your help. All profits from this Crypto Pilot NFT project are devoted to making this place freely accessible to everyone. This irrefutable and 100% scientifically supported material has the potential to wipe away thousands of years of human suffering and conflict in minutes. Consider how this has never been attempted or been accessible by humanity in our entire history.

"Our fully Doxxed team with the skill of Polygonal Mind Builders of Spain are convinced that this revolutionary scientific breakthrough experience in our Metaverse can end the Russian-Ukrain, the Israeli-Palestinian, and all other world conflicts in minutes. A single exposure to his new material in the VR room improves mental, emotional, sociological, and physical health and makes one nonviolent and just. The best thing about this space is that what is revealed there is universally agreed upon and it does not interfere with people's religion, philosophy, gender, politics, or preference. This provides the key to a single universal solution to any human-made problem in the world." Said Alek Balos the CEO of Vast Self Charity.

Vast Self Corporation spoke person says: "There are many additional perks to the holders of our NFT, they are not limited to: Crypto Pilot Coin, 1 free NFT, Mobile APP, Swap, 2.5% of passive income, many prizes and the satisfaction that you are helping yourself and the world in ways previously impossible to imagine."

Please join our Discord movement and be part of this peaceful revolution for harmony and prosperity for all Earthlings.
For more info please visit: Universal Space

About Vast Self Charity:
Vast Self is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose sole purpose is to restore peace and happiness in the World. This is accomplished by demonstrating how all personal and World problems can be eliminated permanently by recognizing the single reason responsible for their existence. We aim to provide educational tools that will serve all individuals, and organizations seeking permanent solutions to personal and World problems.

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