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NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, Exclusive BUYERS DINNER by ATF Fashion House NYC, Sept 9 - 14, 2022

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, Exclusive BUYERS DINNER by ATF Fashion House NYC, Sept 9 - 14, 2022

Nearly 200 Buyers Meet 100 Designers in Manhattan's Finest Rooftops and Restaurants to Engage in Purchase and Distribution Opportunities.

We are reshaping the BUYERS Experience at NEW YORK FASHION WEEK by creating a Curated Setup for Buyers and Designers to Engage in Purchase and Distribution Opportunities.”
MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 / -- The world's most Prestigious Fashion Rendezvous is almost here, and the global Fashion Community is all hyped up. It is exactly that time of the year where Fashion Designers make final adjustments to their Collections and most Fashion Publicists refine their pitches to position their clients through the best angles and get the most exposure. Fashion Buyers on the other end are thirsty to discover new industry trends, explore new collections and take a chance on rising stars.

NYFW attracts over 200,000 visitors and generates nearly $1 billion for the city of New York, yet it can be quite a challenging experience for Buyers to pull it off successfully and get the most out of their trip to the big Apple. Over 300 shows are scheduled across NYC by different Organizations to showcase amazing Brands in Runways. The energy is awesome, you really get to meet great people and learn more than enough on what's going on in today's fashion. But it can also be overwhelming and cause you to miss your key target. Everything moves so fast, and everyone is running around trying to get the most attention. Organizers want Buyers, Celebrities and Medias there so they can justify the money they charge to Sponsors, Brands and Guests. Medias want content to fill their columns. Celebrities want buzz for their images or social medias. That leaves the 2 parties that are actually there to do business: Designers who showcase their brands hoping to impress and sell, and Buyers who are fishing for the next big thing or great consumer-appealing products at the best profit margins possible.

While the whole PR and Entertainment give these shows the glamour and notoriety they deservedly earned, it is sad to see all that extra noise sometimes get in the way of the main thing, because at the end of the day, that's why we are all there, to make money and grow our respective businesses.

ATF Fashion House NYC, a New York Fashion Buyer and Distribution Company, is hosting EXCLUSIVE BUYERS DINNERS, Every Evening of NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, on Friday Sept 9, Saturday Sept 10, Sunday Sept 11, Monday Sept 12, Tuesday Sept 13 and Wednesday Sept 14. The Networking Dinners each last 3 hours from 6PM - 9PM and take place in Manhattan's Finest Rooftop Lounges and Restaurants, among which LAVO, THE SKYLARK, DEL FRISCO and BACCARAT.

Brands across various fashion categories are invited to join: Women's, Men's, Children's, Luxury, Haute Couture, Bridal, Sustainable, Fast, Slow, Streetwear, Footwear, Bags, Jewelry, Accessories, etc.

Buyers are hosted FREE of CHARGE, and invited based on fashion categories represented by attending brands, to ensure that all guests find matching opportunities. It is a great opportunity for Buyers to unwind from mass-attended runways and connect with select designers on a more intimate level as they make their decision on what to purchase or who to get in business with.

The evening starts with a Video Showcase of Each Brand, followed by a Special Introduction of Each Designer, then comes the Networking Cocktail, followed by the Dinner. A Welcome Booth is setup on premises, exposing Each Brand's Flagship Product + Designer's Business Cards.

Interested Buyers can Request Access at:

Interested Designers / Brands can Apply at:

About ATF Fashion House NYC
We are a Fashion Buyer and Distribution Company. We bet on Rising Emerging Designers with the potential to overthrow some of the world's leading brands. We curate a selection of highly talented brands from various countries, and offer them for purchase to verified buyers within our network. We host several fashion event formats throughout the year (Fashion Week, Fashion Show, Fashion Runway, Buyers Dinner, Brands for Sales). We are located on 5th Avenue, New York City, Premier Fashion Street in the World, Home to all Major Fashion Brands. Every year, we travel the world to Discover Niche and Promising Fashion Designers with the potential to be the next GUCCI, NIKE, CARTIER or LOUIS VUITTON.

Mariah Fisher
ATF Fashion House NYC
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