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Dog show owners and trainers have extensive needs to meet to participate in these events, presenting promising business opportunities.

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a marketing and promotions organization focused on helping businesses and charities to hit their client, customer, or donor milestones. Those groups that prefer dealing directly with other companies will find the many business postal mailing lists to be just what they’re looking for. These listings have all the relevant details, like the names and titles of the most relevant decision-makers for these high-volume transactions.

On the other end, some organizations put their focus on the general public. These groups will find the many assorted consumer postal mailing lists relevant to their needs. The databases can be classified according to both geographic and demographic marketing needs. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is here to help with both B2B and retail consumer marketing strategies.

The Start Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing sprouted from the inspiration of a disabled veteran. After seeing to completion the duties expected of military service, the next step from there was to try something different. Instead of focusing on defense, growth would be the next goal, specifically helping the economy grow by assisting in client or customer outreach. A start-up was created in pursuit of this goal, and today, the company is now proud to boast staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience in the marketing sector.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing first entered the industry at a time when a shift in marketing paradigms was coming. Established marketing platforms like print and radio advertising maintained their dominance, but digital marketing established a beachhead, and people noticed. The company’s initial specialization was direct mail, a focus that imparted crucial skills in data acquisition, management, and analytics. When digital marketing quickly proved to be a new, viable platform, the company was positioned to pivot to this. It integrated digital marketing into its services and enjoyed an early mover advantage with significant yields for itself and its clients.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has grown far past its early service range limitation of only its hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The entire United States is now served, including Alaska and Hawaii. Complete North American coverage is also provided, with access to markets in Canada and Mexico. For organizations ready to go international, it’s possible to cross the Atlantic and uses databases to gain entry into European Union markets like France.

Show Dog Owners Are A Thriving Business

As with children, there is an inherent fixed cost to owning a dog for many years regarding food and upkeep. However, these costs and needs expand in several directions when dog owners decide to take the next step and enter their dogs in shows to win competitions. This requires a whole new level of financial commitment.

Dog owners must take everything to the next level regarding food, grooming, and upkeep. This automatically presents a natural, more intensive form of purchasing for premium products and services dedicated to canine care. However, it’s not just pet supplies that benefit from this commitment to the show dog culture.

Other Marketing Opportunities

Show dog owners must, by economic necessity, belong to a more affluent class. Entering dogs in shows requires an extra level of investment in the dog itself but also requires more time and, perhaps more importantly, the funds for entering dogs into shows, as well as accommodating the specific travel and stay requirements that dog owners will have.

Obviously, a hotel that does not allow pets, for example, is a deal breaker for people traveling to a city to enter a dog show.

This is why even businesses like hotels or other guest accommodation services can benefit from reaching out directly to show dog owners. The same is true for travel logistics, food, beverages, and even tourism. Even financial products and services may be of interest as the affluent lifestyle of show dog owners mean that investment opportunities and other financial opportunities are well within reach.

Reaching The Show Dog Owners

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has database listings for show dog owners all over America. Databases are large enough to sustain nationwide marketing efforts, but the scope can also be reduced for more specific regions like the Pacific Northwest. That targeting can also go down to more localized levels, such as a single state, like Nevada. Even specific neighborhoods in a town or a city, such as targeting show dog owners in Green Valley Ranch, Las Vegas, are possible.

Databases can also be broken down by demographics. Show dog owners can be marketed by ethnicities, such as only Asian-American owners, or religious affiliations, such as only primarily Mormons. Financial categories are also available if there’s a desire to target only high-net-worth owners, for example.

Contact details are available in the required formats. Physical mailing addresses are provided for direct mail campaigns, and email addresses are available for digital marketing. Home and business phone number listings can be furnished for telemarketing campaigns. Even cell phone numbers are available for text/SMS-based marketing strategies.
For clients interested in managing a direct mail campaign but lacking experience, turnkey direct mail solutions are available. This service takes clients through every step of the direct mail process. It begins with planning concepts and designs, shifts to manufacturing and printing, and ends with distribution using the desired databases. All of this happens under one roof, eliminating the typical need to source and vet the different vendors for each stage of the process.

If you want to market to show dog owners throughout the USA, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. When you work with us, you support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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