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How Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Got Its Start
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing had its beginnings in the inspiration of a disabled veteran. With years of honorable military service now complete, the next step was to take things in a completely different direction. That choice was to move away from defense and focus on a new goal; economic growth. The growth in question was financial, and it would be achieved by helping American businesses to acquire more of the resource so necessary for healthy, lasting development; more clients or customers. A start-up was formed to start bringing this idea to life, and with the passing of years, it has now steadily grown to the point that it proudly boasts a staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience in the marketing sector.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing began to operate in the marketing industry during an interval when a paradigm shift was on the horizon. The older, established, “analog” marketing techniques such as print advertising on buses or television commercials still sat at the top of the hierarchy. Digital marketing was already gaining a lot of notice, even with a small presence, and many rightly assumed it would be just as disruptive an element here as it was in other areas, like music or publishing. Initially, the company’s focus was direct mail, a specialization that inadvertently taught crucial skillsets in data acquisition, management, and analytics.

As many predicted, digital marketing’s value and viability rapidly escalated, but few were in a position to take advantage of what it offered, leaving a field open with clients hungry to take advantage of a new channel few understood. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing’s own data-centric orientation made it well-positioned to integrate digital marketing into its repertoire of services. This gave it an early mover advantage that provided significant gains for both the company and the clients served.

In the beginning, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing’s service range was limited to just its hometown, Las Vegas, Nevada. Today, that range has expanded to complete national coverage of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Databases are now also provided continentally, with access to markets in Canada and Mexico. There is even international support for organizations ready to cross the Atlantic. Databases are available for markets in the European Union, such as France.

The Southern Legacy Of Bourbon
Ironically, although bourbon is considered an American whiskey, the name does not have American English origins but French roots. Bourbon was originally a royal dynasty of France, though how that name eventually translated to referring to a distinctively American spirit is a matter of speculation today.

The two most commonly accepted theories are that bourbon is a derivation of the southern United States French immigrant population. The French first colonized what would come to be known as the Louisiana area, which is why there is, to this day, a signature French ambiance to the area, as shown in names like New Orleans and the creole language adopted by locals.

There is both a Bourbon County in Kentucky and a Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and these two possibilities are widely regarded as the root of bourbon whiskey in the United States. Bourbon itself was used as a term for the spirit by the 1850s, though the specific use of “Kentucky Bourbon” wasn’t widely adopted until the 1870s.

From Moonshine To Mainstream
Unsurprisingly, the origin of bourbon itself dates back to the experiments of amateurs trying to create their own whiskey. With access to saloons and other alcohol-serving establishments being far less accessible in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was only natural that some enthusiasts would try to create their own so as not to rely on rare visits to proper establishments to spend money on liquor. This was especially true for costly imports of European alcohol, such as cognac, which be quite expensive for local wallets.

What would eventually come to be called bourbon arose due to two choices. The first was to distill corn instead of grain, grapes, or potatoes, as were the common sources of other types of alcohol. The other choice was to age the alcohol in charred oak caskets, giving bourbon its distinctive flavor.

Official Recognition
Today, the world recognizes bourbon and its more specific variants like Kentucky bourbon as a distinctively American liquor. There are no specific requirements for its creation, similar to champagne, in order for any liquor to earn the bourbon name. Those requirements are:

US Only: Bourbon must be created in the United States.
Corn-based: The source grain for the distillation process must be at least 51% corn.
Wood Aging: The liquor must be aged in a barrel, and the wood used must be charred oak.
Proof Ceiling: The liquor must be distilled to a maximum of 160 proof, or 80% alcohol by volume.
Proof Aging: When it comes time to age the liquor, it must be aged to no more than 125 proof.
Final Proof: True bourbon, when finally bottled, must be no more than 80 proof or 40% alcohol by volume.
The aging process itself has no formal requirements. Some bourbon is released onto the market after only three months of aging. However, for a bottle to earn the label “straight bourbon,” it must be aged at least two years to be in this premium category. This is where different types of bourbon are graded according to their aging, with “bottled in a bond” having been aged at least four years before sale.

Changing Markets & Demographics
For several reasons, bourbon has come into its own over the last few decades. A new generation of bourbon makers has entered the industry that has put more of a premium focus on the product, concentrating on single-barrel and small batch production. This has created more prestige products and added a lot of the variety and flavor profile of bourbon that is now available to drinkers.

The industry also changed its approach and modeled itself after more premium products. In the same way, wine enthusiasts could visit vineyards and see how their favorite labels were produced, as well as sample some of the products; distilleries in Kentucky now offer similar bourbon tours, which have proven more successful than anticipated. This is also compounded by the “pop culture” effect, as popular media can put the spotlight on certain products. The American television drama about the advertising industry in the 1960s, Mad Men, glamourized Kentucky bourbon and brought renewed interest in the product.

The result has been a big increase and change in the demographic. Bourbon was formerly considered a drink for older Americans, but the age range has now shifted to primary drinkers being white males between the ages of 25-54. However, the range of female drinkers is also growing, and other ethnicities are now coming round to sampling Kentucky bourbon. Africa-American consumption of bourbon has increased by 22%, and Asian American consumption has risen by 36%.
Another interesting factor is that the financial position of bourbon drinkers has also shifted. As new manufacturers entered the market touting premium products, a more affluent bourbon drinker has appeared. Today, bourbon drinking enthusiasts with an annual income between $150,000-$250,000 has grown by 46%. In comparison, those in the range of $250,000 to $500,000 have increased by 78%, showing that those with higher incomes no longer view bourbon whiskey as a product inappropriate for their economic class. Bourbon has been embraced as a luxury liquor.

One more factor that has made bourbon more widespread in consumption is its usage as an ingredient in cocktails. Where before there was an insistence that bourbon be consumed only itself, today, bourbon is not only used but widely encouraged in various cocktails to demonstrate its versatility as a spirit. This is at least in part one reason why the female demographic has become more receptive to bourbon consumption, as cocktails tend to prove more popular with female drinkers.

New Marketing Opportunities
Reaching out to bourbon drinkers in the United States now means reaching a much wider demographic with more varied interests. Those enthusiasts who actively drink and purchase Kentucky bourbon products fall into certain purchasing characteristics that open them up to various products and services. Some of these include:
As more affluent Americans partake of Kentucky bourbon, they will still require a large variety of different financial products and services. Whether this is investment opportunities or simply better financial management and accounting protocols, the need for sound financial practices is always in demand.

Food & Beverages
Of course, an interest in bourbon is already an active interest in one specific type of beverage, which can be piggybacked with complementary foods and drinks to enrich the bourbon drinking experience. Whether this is foods and beverages to enjoy at home or in restaurants and bars, the F&B industry benefits from this.

Media Technology For Social Media Promotion
Among millennials, bourbon consumption and its specific brands are part of a new “social currency” that comes from knowledge of and passion for spirits. This opens up a variety of media technology to this new online savvy demographic. Cameras, microphones, lighting, “selfie-sticks,” and other associated media hardware and accessories can be crucial in creating and editing videos for social media influence.

Reaching Out To The Bourbon Drinking Demographic
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has databases on bourbon drinkers all over the United States. These lists are meticulously maintained to ensure ease of access. Perhaps more crucially, they are consistently rechecked for veracity to ensure currency and provide clients with lists that are still live and relevant.

Listings for bourbon drinkers around the United States are available at the level of total, nationwide coverage but be easily narrowed to specific parts of the country, like only the Southern United States. Single states can also be easily focused on, such as Kentucky, or even a single neighborhood in a town or city, such as only bourbon drinkers in Crescent Hill, Louisville. It’s also possible to break down lists by demographic needs like ethnicity, religious affiliation, or financial status.

Contact details can be provided in many formats. For direct mail, physical mailing addresses are available, and email addresses are provided for digital marketing plans. Telemarketing strategies get home or business phone numbers; even cellular numbers are available for marketing based on SMS/text messages.

For businesses that would like to learn how to manage a direct mail campaign, turnkey direct mail solutions. The service carefully guides and advises clients through every stage of a direct mail campaign, with planning and concepts, printing and manufacturing materials, and distribution all under one roof. This eliminates the usual need to source and vet different vendors for the different stages.

If you’re interested in reaching out to bourbon drinkers around the United States, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. When you work with us, you support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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