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Posi-flate Butterfly Valves Work for All These Applications

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Posi-flate

Posi-flate Butterfly Valves

Double Dump Valve

The Innovative Design of Posi-flate Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves Outperform in Extreme Applications

PAINESVILLE, OHIO, USA, August 5, 2022 / -- These Posi-flate inflateable seated butterfly valves are used for many applications, such as Material Control Cut-Off on the Outlet of a Screw Feeder Discharging Wax Beads into a Receiving Hopper. Material Cut-Off Valve with Electrical Grounding Option for Handling Explosive Food Powder. Metering Valve for Controlling Flow of Fertilizer into a Weigh Hopper. Material Cut-Off Valve Handling Portland Cement Discharging from a Silo to a Load Out Spout. Material Control Valve with Inert Gas Seat Inflation for Handling Aluminum Powder. Cut-Off Valve for Handling Silica Sand from a Storage Silo Discharge Outlet.

Double Dump Valve Assemblies have these applications. Assembly Loading Zircon Sand into a Jet Mill. Loading Fruit Fibers into a Spray Dryer. Spray Dryer Inlet Handling Natural Organic Food Powders. Loading Catalyst into a Fluidized Bed Jet Mill. Discharging Titanium Silicate from a Spray Dryer. Dust Collector Discharge Handling Phenolic Resin. Unloading Sodium Borate/Boric Acid from an Evaporator/Dryer. Loading Toner Powder into a Toner Classifier. Discharging Catalyst from a Dust Collector. Dust Collector Discharge Handling Toner Powder. Discharging Tobacco Powder from a Dust Collector to a Storage Bin.

Dryer Type Valve applications such as Damper Valve Handling Pharmaceutical Powders in a Fluid Bed Dryer. Spray Dryer Discharge Valve for Handling Silicone Powder. Filter Dryer Discharge Valve for Handling Pharmaceutical Powders. On/Off Valve Handling Acidic Air from a Spray Dryer. Spray Dryer Discharge Valve for Handling Maple Brown Sugar. Dryer Inlet Valve for Handling Various Pharmaceutical Powders.

Outlet / discharge Valves from Posiflate include Manuel Bypass Outlet Valve Handling Fumed Silica from a Mixer. Unloading Powder Coatings from a Storage Bin to a Milling Machine. Silo Valve for Handling Polyvinyl Flouride. Dust Collector Valve for Discharging Flavor Additives. Handling Animal Vitamin Powders Being Discharged from a Packaging Machine. Handling Food Grade Powder Quartz from a Jet Mill. Metering Valve Handling Calcium Carbonate from a Weigh Hopper. Unloading Pharmaceutical Powders into a Packaging Machine. Handling Food Grade Milk Powder from a Weigh Hopper into a Bag Filling Machine. Handling Food Grade Titanium Dioxide. Dust Collector Baghouse Handling Toner Powder. Mixer Outlet Valve for Handling Granulated Silica Powder.

Pneumatic Conveying applications include Handling Silicone Powder under High Pressure from an Inlet Valve. Handling Metallurgical Silica Powder Dust from a Dense Phase Pneumatic Transport Vessel. Fail Closed Valve for Handling of Hazardous Chemical Powder. Divert Almonds in a Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System to Either of Two Receiving Bins. High Pressure Inlet Valve for a Pneumatic Conveying System Handling Toner Powder.

Vacuum applications include Outlet Valve Handling Silica Powder and Gum Powder from a Vacuum Mixer. Vacuum Release Valve for Filling Dry Chemical Powder into Small Canisters Under Pressure. Vacuum Cooker Inlet Valve for Handling Granulated Sugar. Material Cut-Off Valve between a Filter Receiver and an Extruder Handling PVC Powder.

Some final valve applications are a Shutoff Valve Handling Air from an Automotive Leak Testing Machine. Material Cut-Off Valve Discharging Organic Acid Granules from a Storage Silo. Large Lightweight Valve for the Firefighting Airline Industry. Isolation Valve Handling Toluene Vapors from a Reactor. V-Cone Blender Discharge Valve for Handling Pharmaceutical Powders. Spray Dryer Discharge Valve for Metering Pharmaceutical Powders. Large Lightweight Valve Handling Fire Retardant for the Aerial Firefighting Industry. Extractor inlet valve with inert gas seat inflation for handling various dry organic powders. Receiving Bin Discharge Valve Handling Various Food Powders.

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Posi-flate Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves