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Quantum Technology presents the first 1,500-kilogram-per-day H2 Liquefier in BC

Potential supporters, partners, investors and promoters line up to see Quantum Technology's 1.5 tonne per day liquefier on display in Squamish, B.C.

Dr Petro Dalakov gives a tour of the H2 liqufier

Quantum’s proposed solution for connecting the east and west coast of Canada with H2 plants and refuelling stations

During an invitational day held Friday, July 15th, Quantum Technology Corp. showcased its hydrogen liquefier to high-profile attendees

SQUAMISH, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, July 27, 2022 / -- Quantum Technology Corp. presented its hydrogen liquifier to 60+ attendees, including Jordan sturdy, Patrick Weiller, and other high functioning companies in the hydrogen space across North America. The president of Quantum Technology, Dr. Calvin Winter, addressed the group about hydrogen and the need for green fuel.

The invitational day was held by a team of 20+, composed of engineers, physicists, project managers, and professionals. Among them was Dr. Petro Dalakov, a Quantum Technology advisor and representative in the EU, with 18 years of experience in helium and hydrogen liquefiers.

Green hydrogen can be used in fuel cells as a clean fuel, meaning that the only products are electricity and water (and a small amount of heat). This gives liquified hydrogen the ability to power zero emission vehicles, unlike petrol or diesel.

Hydrogen in its natural gaseous state, takes up a lot of space so transporting from hydrogen production units is not economically viable. Liquefying the hydrogen prior to transporting it, compresses the substance to almost 900 times its natural state, shifting the process to economically and financially viable.

Quantum Technology’s large-scale hydrogen liquefier is the only one of its kind. Located in Squamish, BC, it has the ability to liquefy up to 1,500 kilograms of H2 per day. Which, for reference, is enough to fuel 1,500 zero-emission hydrogen-powered cars.

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Quantum Technology Corp
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