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Seismocon to Launch First Earthquake Warning System

This cutting-edge technology protects you and your loved ones when the disaster strikes.

Seismocon is placed on a wall inside your home. It is your digital lifejacket when a natural disaster happens.

No one knows the structural integrity of your home after an earthquake. Seismocon system sends you a TEXT message minutes after the disaster happened. You will have an immediate report about the safety level of your house.

Multiple advanced sensors using AI technology to understand if your house is safe after an earthquake.

Seismocon was born in the dust and rubbles of Napa earthquake 2014.

Seismocon Systems, Inc., established after the Napa earthquake in August 2014.

The California-based Seismocon Systems has invented a post-assessment technology to instantly measure the safety of structures after natural disasters.

Eathquakes Don't Kill People, Buildings Do”
— United States Geological Survey [USGS]

NAPA, CA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2022 / -- Earthquakes result in an average of 50,000 fatalities per year. Most deaths are due to building collapse, which can occur long after an incident as a result of a compromised structure. The California-based technology company Seismocon Systems has invented a post-assessment technology to instantly measure the safety of structures after natural disasters. The company will have the system on the market by 2023.

A house may still stand after the first wave of seismic forces, but will the structure be able to take a second or third hit? The Seismocon system delivers the answer within minutes.

A team of professors, engineers and data scientists from around the world has spent eight years developing the Seismocon system, and the system is finally ready for production. A highly advanced instrumentation box the size of a small tablet, it is installed on a wall where it monitors the building’s structural health using multiple sophisticated sensors. If the building is shaken or rattled by an earthquake, landslide, hurricane, flood, or explosion, the proprietary AI algorithms use data from the monitoring unit, as well as governmental and private databases, to assess the safety level of the structure.

Seismocon CEO Mike Sjoblom says, “After eight years of development, we are now ready to build the product. We have received interest from one of the largest security companies in the world, as well as from the largest earthquake insurance company in the United States. There is every indication that we will have a unique, life-saving product on the market a year from now.”

An entrepreneur and long-time resident of Napa, California, Sjoblom experienced first-hand the problems associated with the aftermath of the 6.0 Napa earthquake in 2014. Despite having been retrofitted for earthquake safety protection, many of the city’s historic buildings were severely damaged. FEMA reports that the disaster damaged 1,988 structures and destroyed 18. More than 280 people sustained injuries. It took five weeks to complete a report that would have taken only hours with Seismocon.

“After an earthquake, you need to know immediately if it is safe to re-enter your house. Without this knowledge, people may expose themselves and their families to huge risks, but nobody wants to wait for weeks for the information,” Sjoblom said. “Seismocon delivers a text message to the homeowner immediately after an incident. Simply put, it is a digital lifejacket for natural disasters.”

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