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Lovetuner | The Mental and Physical Benefits of Mind-Body Interventions

Elevated Yoga Practice with the Lovetuner 528hz frequency

Elevated Yoga Practice with the Lovetuner

Lovetuner Meditation Utilizing the Power of the 528hz Healing Frequency

Lovetuner Meditation Utilizing the Power of the 528hz Healing Frequency

Lovetuner 528hz Frequency Meditation Tool

Lovetuner 528hz Frequency Meditation Tool

The Lovetuner is more than just a meditation device – it is a mindset and a global peace and love movement.”
— Sigmar Berg, Lovetuner Founder
MALIBU, CA, USA, July 21, 2022 / -- It’s not a secret that balancing activities such as yoga, meditation and breath-work provides relief from stress, reduces anxiety, and promotes an overall sense of well-being. New research shows that the benefits of these activities go far beyond mental well-being alone. In fact, exercises such as meditation, sound healing, and breath-work can actually cause changes at the molecular level.

A recent study published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology reviewed over a decade of studies analyzing how the behavior of our genes is affected by so-called Mind-Body Interventions (MBIs), including mindfulness, yoga and meditation. According to researchers, MBIs leave a “molecular signature” in our cells which reverses the effect stress has on the body.( When a person is exposed to a highly stressful event, their sympathetic nervous system is triggered (the system responsible for the fight or flight response), increasing the production of a molecule called NF-kB. NF-kB reacts by activating genes to produce proteins called cytokines that cause inflammation at a cellular level. This reaction is useful in a fight or flight situation, but prolonged exposure to stress can have serious effects on our physical and mental health.

This recent study shows that people who practice MBI’s on a regular basis, such as yoga or meditation, exhibit the opposite effect. Their bodies showed a decrease in the production of NF-kBs and cytokines. Meaning, they’re at a reduced risk for inflammation-related diseases.

As lead researcher, Ivana Buric from Conventry University’s Centre for Psychology puts it:

“These activities are leaving what we call a molecular signature in our cells, which reverses the effect that stress or anxiety would have on the body by changing how our genes are expressed. Put simply, MBI's cause the brain to steer our DNA processes along a path which improves our well-being.”

This research provides further insight to the powerful connection between our mental health and our physical health.

The Lovetuner utilizes this connection between our mental and physical health to bring about healing, with a very simple exercise. The Lovetuner aligns the user with the 528hz frequency, also known as the Love or DNA Repair Frequency. As one exhales, the breath is connected with the 528hz frequency, aligning the water molecules in the body, providing the sensation of deep relaxation.

Whether rushed for time or able to set aside an hour for mediation or yoga, that Lovetuner is the perfect tool to elevate one's vibration, helping one to move through the world with a positive mindset. The Lovetuner truly is meditation made easy, within just 6 simple breathing cycles, it is possible to achieve the same effects as 30 minutes of meditation. While the Lovetuner is a great replacement for meditation, as it can be done anywhere and only takes a few minutes, it is also a wonderful meditation tool to add to an existing practice.

When we slow down our breath, and become mindful of our own inhale and exhale, we are calming down our sympathetic nervous system. We are removed from the stress of being in fight or flight mode. The audible feedback of the Lovetuner helps to focus on the breath. It encourages the user to hold their exhale for longer. As the sound of the 528hz healing frequency makes it possible to completely clear the mind and reconnect with the heart, creating heart coherence.

We are constantly being fed new information, it can become paralyzing. That is why it is so vital to take advantage of Mind-Body Interventions, which help to free the mind, clarifying intentions and objectives.

When "tuning" an alignment between emotional and physical state with the environment takes place, creating perfect harmony with the self, and the world. If there was ever a time to discover the Lovetuner and experience all its amazing benefits, it is definitely now.

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Lovetuner Founder Sigmar Berg Explains the Magical Combination of Breathing and the 528hz Frequency