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Influencers with three million or more followers can charge as much as, $249,706 per post on YouTube, $99,882 for a post on Insta or Snap, $39,953 for a Tweet.

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, July 22, 2022 / -- Creative Social media bloggers are now more than ever competing fearlessly in war to snare that lucrative brand and it seems the better you look and the less filters you use the higher your chances are to be remembered.

According to the ‘outlet’, on average, influencers with three million or more followers can charge as much as, $249,706 for a post on YouTube, $99,882 for a post on Instagram or Snapchat and $39,953 for a post on Twitter. Talk about serious coin. It’s safe to say you can make a decent living off being an influencer. Hopper HQ Social Rich List 2022 lists number one position as being held by Cristiano Ronaldo with over 442 million Followers who commands a whopping US $239,000 per post. Kylie Jenner will set you back a cool US $1.8 million per post or perhaps you would like ‘Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to do a shout out for you at just US $1.7 Million. The reality for most companies that can’t afford Selena Gomez or Dua Lipa, but they can start small with those becoming Intsafamous during these global unprecedented times.

One woman cashing in on this lucrative market is Hair and Makeup artist from Sydney Australia, Jessica Maas. Providing the much-appreciated soft glamour look to newsreaders and hosts of Television Stations such as the ABC, 9 and 10 Mass has worked with A, B and C list Celebrities throughout ‘Sydney Fashion Week’ 2020-21 with her clients read like the who’s who of media and television and certainly stars of the ‘Bachelor’, ‘Bachelorette’, ‘Beauty and the Geek’ and ‘Home & Away’ would never have the audience appeal without perfect makeup and hair.

Like many Fashion Bloggers around the world, working from home has certainly given content creators encouragement to push the boundaries of Tik Tok and Instagram. “Lockdowns have created overnight success stories on social media with many unknowns now earning the fortunes many only dream of”, Said Maas who went on to say, “It’s my opinion that girls who have fun making tutorial content about makeup are also teaching other people that its ok to look presentable. Lockdowns during the pandemic has helped build women’s self-esteem and more so without Filters.”

Jessica Maas has built a solid reputation as Australia’s ‘Go to Girl’ for influencers, her opinions held in the highest respect of her peers went on to say, “I personally think filters are a bit overrated now, influencer’s wanting to look their best always! Bloggers are hiring the best hair and makeup artists to create content and be apart something great! I believe times are changing and they want to show off their makeup in real skin, raise awareness to real things we all go through! Ever since the pandemic I believe a lot of people realised that we have a lot more inner work to do on ourselves that filters were really hurting our self-esteem!”

So, my next question to Maas was… “where is the future of social media heading?”
“I personally think the future of social media is heading to having more real people showcasing real everyday lives, their struggles, relatable things and following them and their references as opposed to the “perfect” influencer. Brands want people who are more relatable and genuinely love their brand and stand for what they genuinely love! It’s not about likes and comments anymore it’s about being unapologetically you, people feel that and gravitate towards that. It’s more about the advice you have and your opinion and what you believe it can do for your skin and how it can help others”.

When we consider the average male lawyer in Australia is being paid AU$115k, a butcher is AU$63K and a bartender just $29 an hour its not hard to understand why the big brands are looking to pay the bucks to the right influencer who can potentially produce a return on investment of millions in profits getting rich quick may no longer be a myth.

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