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Neureka®️ Sleep Provides At-Home Monitoring for Epilepsy Patients with SUDEP Risk

Neureka® Sleep monitor for epilepsy patients at risk of SUDEP

Neureka® Sleep wearable monitor for people with epilepsy

Now, I have much more peace of mind with Neureka® Sleep, which monitors for sudden changes in my body. I feel safer knowing it alerts me and my emergency contact if something might be happening.”
— Amber Kaiser

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, July 20, 2022 / -- Novela Neurotechnologies, a leading provider of continuous neurology care, has launched Neureka® Sleep, an AI-powered wearable sleep monitor, to bring peace of mind to epilepsy patients and their families who worry about nocturnal seizures, which may lead to Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).

Epilepsy affects over 70 million people worldwide (Singh & Trevick, 2016), with SUDEP being the leading cause of death in patients with uncontrolled seizures. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, SUDEP typically occurs unexpectedly during sleep in otherwise healthy individuals, claiming the lives of over 1 in 1,000 epilepsy patients each year. Its cause is currently unknown, although risk factors include frequent seizures — particularly tonic-clonic seizures (TCS) — and living alone, which has an estimated 82-fold increased risk of SUDEP (Sveinsson et al., 2020).

For people and families with epilepsy, SUDEP during sleep is often a chronic source of fear, with limited monitoring solutions available. Many people with epilepsy rely on family members to check on them during the night, or they use makeshift solutions, such as baby monitors.

Novela Neurotechnologies, a San Francisco-based digital health company, has created Neureka® Sleep, an AI-powered sleep-monitoring wearable, to deliver at-home care for people with epilepsy. Neureka® Sleep continuously monitors critical health metrics, and sends real-time alerts to patients and their families to improve safety and bring peace of mind for SUDEP.

“Years ago before having brain surgery, I had over a dozen seizures every month, including during sleep. As someone with epilepsy who lives alone, I felt frustrated by a lack of solutions,” shares Amber Kaiser. “Now, I have much more peace of mind with Neureka® Sleep, which monitors for sudden changes in my body. I feel safer knowing it alerts me and my emergency contact if something might be happening.”

Neureka® Sleep offers unprecedented data insights for epilepsy patients, analyzing millions of data points per patient every night. Neureka® Sleep collects health metrics and other relevant data that play a critical role in seizure frequency — such as sleep quality and medication adherence. This data is combined and shared with patients’ healthcare providers, to improve care and treatment outcomes.

Kramay Patel, Ph.D, MD candidate and Chief Platform Officer at Novela, explains, “We are reimagining epilepsy care with our vision to someday prevent SUDEP. Our immediate goal is to augment Neureka® Sleep with our FDA-cleared seizure-detection wearables to predict SUDEP and improve patient safety. With enough data, we are confident we can get there.”

Neureka® Sleep is currently available for purchase on its website.


About Novela Neurotech

Novela Neurotechnologies is a digital health company that offers continuous, data-driven epilepsy care, empowering patients with accessible, personalized care and actionable insights. Headquartered in California, Novela is leading the transformation of remote neurological healthcare. With a decade of research legacy in neurotechnology and epilepsy in Canada, and deep expertise in digital health and healthcare, Novela is uniquely positioned to transform neurological care and improve the lives of millions of people with chronic neurological conditions. Novela is the creator of Neureka® for Epilepsy. For more information, visit

About Neureka® for Epilepsy

Neureka® is a digital health platform that enables continuous, personalized remote care for epilepsy and other chronic neurological conditions. Neureka® combines the power of AI with the convenience of wearables to turn multiple epilepsy data points into actionable insights for patients, caregivers, and clinicians. Neureka® provides patients with the independent lifestyle they seek, their loved ones with peace of mind, and their medical providers with actionable data to prepare for meaningful appointments with their patients.

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